Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


It got to hurt…Duck Dynasty mom crying after seeing the racist in Twhitler?


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I saw that. Maybe if more successful women stayed in the industry, then they could change it faster. Tons of capable women leave the work force for family reasons. I posted the data. The better a woman’s education the more likely she is to not work full-time once she has kids. If tech is serious about appealing to women, they need to appeal to women with a family. They can’t just appeal to women just out of college without a family.


“Gates and her husband were floated as possible vice presidential picks, according to an email from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.[16]”

Melinda graduated in 1986 and 1987 with BS and MBA from Duke. She left her work in 1996 to raise a family. She’s Roman Catholic from Texas.

Mrs Gates has potential in politics. Maybe the VP candidate in 2020?



Reversal of fortune: white people face discrimination in America…


What’s the definition of discrimination? If you use 10 variables in making a decision, there is discrimination for those 10 variables. If one of the variables is race, people of certain races would feel discriminated for sure.

If you make a race neutral policy, I’m sure people can still find reasons that a racial discrimination exists, maybe a little less convincingly


Discrimination is when white applicants are rejected for candidates with lower GPA and test scores in the name of improving campus diversity. Discrimination is using any method other than qualifications for determining admission, hiring, and promotion.

I worked for an employer that identified a large number of management roles as “diversity candidate preferred”. It was open code for, “if you’re a white male then don’t bother applying”. It was bragged about as a symbol of being progressive, forward thinking, and all the other buzz words. There were cases where people with zero engineering background and liberal arts degrees where hired as engineering supervisors and managers to improve diversity. Fortunately, they canned the policy after the CEO was fired. They went back to merit cased promotions.


America is by and large a meritocracy. Why are 90% of the players in the NBA black? Because white men can’t jump…


Discrimination :grinning: Also no Asians because they are too short. Discrimination :sweat_smile:


Not only too short also not muscular enough and can’t run fast… :rofl:

But there’s always Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin…


Tell that to the white Engineers packing up because they were…hmmm…not that productive=old while the young Indian techies (you?) were at his door waiting for him to empty his office.


Yes I’m sure a few white execs are upset that Sundar Pichai beat them to it… :rofl:


I didn’t know he was a techie working on a cubicle…:sweat_smile:


That’s how he got started… so there’s hope for all you techie CEO wannabes out there… :rofl:


Pichai was never a software engineer. He was studying material science and got an MBA when material science does not give him much


What flexibility!! Live and learn guys… :rofl:


Uh…I think I read somewhere a few days ago that Jeremy is having knee surgery. His career is probably cut short.