Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed





Is it legal to discriminate based on political views? There seems to be no protection


I agree. Race and gender are protected though. It’ll be a landmark case if they prove discrimination against white males. It has happened on university admissions.


One would think not unless you’re a political organization and want like-minded employees.

Should be a very interesting lawsuit.


Freedom of speech in USA means can have any kind of political views and criticizes anyone politically, but no racism and no sexism. Many places, you won’t get into trouble making racist and sexist remarks but risk of being jail for making political remarks about the incumbent government.

Is good suit :slight_smile: Changing the sexist case into a political case.


The google dope is an idiot… maybe he can sue for discrimination against idiots…


No, you can’t discriminate because of political views. That doesn’t mean you are allowed to express them on company time, using company computers and company email lists.


That’s a misunderstanding.

Freedom of speech in USA just means the government can’t lock up for saying anything, including racism and sexism. The alt right has been saying racist and sexist things for years. They are still out and about.

However that doesn’t mean you are free from social consequences, or in this case a private enterprise can fire you at will.

Private vs government. Don’t be confused.


Exactly! I don’t understand why it’s so hard for some to understand.

There is no freedom of speech in private companies. Get over it.


How can a company say it fosters inclusion while censoring employees? How can a company have open debates about ideas when the wrong views can get you fired? That doesn’t seem like the type of company that’ll be successful long-term. It’s nothing but a bunch of “yes” or “me too” robots that tow the company line in unison.


If you don’t think google will be successful you are free to seek employment elsewhere or short their stocks. It’s a free country.


Then can Google fire people for expressing support for gender equality? If Google VP uses company time to talk about gender equality, is it also a political expression? Can Google fire the VP for using company time to promote gender equality?

I think 99% of the employees would be fired if this is the cause.


Is it legal for a company to only promote liberals or conservatives?

Is it legal for a company to fire liberals or conservatives due to their political views?

If political view is not protected, every company can fire or promote based on political views, right?

Is it legal for a newspaper to reject all the conservative or liberal articles?

Is it legal for a website to remove all the conservative or liberal posts?


Thank you for the clarification. Just add in government or private enterprise as appropriate to my previous statements. I find it very restrictive as far as freedom (not just speech) goes in Bay Area. Always worry about being sued, needs permission (from neighbors) to do this and that, and must use the “right” words.


I don’t own Google. I think Facebook will eat their lunch. There’s only so much ad revenue out there, and Google doesn’t generate meaningful revenue from anything else.


I notice Google is out of vogue, use to be the unstoppable. What makes WS change in heart/ sentiments?


Every social circle has its norms and its own set of restrictions. Unless you live in a cave and abstain from social contacts there will always be restrictions.

Can you be openly gay and worship the Satan in a small southern town? If people are really itchy to be openly white supremists I’d suggest they move to places like Alabama. Be around people like yourself.


Free speech isn’t free…There is a cost…thats why we like anonymity on this forum…Pretty hard to have opinions about anything these days without offending someone…


As soon as revenue growth slows. Then benefited from being the ad platform of choice as the internet went from geeky to something everyone uses daily. People talk about what’s next for Apple. What about Google? What’s next other than internet ads?