Google, San Jose plan search giant’s downtown expansion; up to 20,000 jobs possible



Time to buy Fresno, Manch!


It will 110 in Fresno today…Make an offer, preferably on a house where the ac failed…Might get a healthy discount. .Fresno will never become a desirable place to commute from…There is a reason it has the cheapest rents in the state…Now Merced has potential. .University towns attract investment and growth…Fresno just attracts gangs and despair. .


Cupertino will be 106 today. Was SF over 100 yesterday?


87 in Tahoe. .been 78-89 all summer…Mostly right around 80 with 40s/ 50s at night



Fresno, Bakersfield and Sf are in the top 20…Small towns like Emeryville have stats skewed. .since few people live there the crime stats mean little…Similar with Merced…population is much larger due to students not counted. .very few refuse to live in SF because of crime…but we all know it is rampant.


I like Merced’s prospect. You don’t find many colleges undergoing vast expansion, and Merced is only 2 hours away. Its engineering school ranks 120th or so, and it’s rising.

Four-year project will nearly double campus size and boost the economy by $1.9 billion in the San Joaquin Valley and $2.4 billion statewide.


Universities attract money


Universities perform well in expansion or recession. The only thing that’d slow down growth is the removal of easy lending for students. It’d pop bubble on tuition prices which keep moving higher due to excessive administrative costs and not education costs.


Both Stanford and Davis were basically farms…We will see if Merced follows their lead…


How do Davis and Merced compare in terms of weather? Is Merced too hot in summers? I visited Merced and it seems a nice town. Only concern is its summer weather


Schools are minimumly open in summer…Merced location was selected to help develop the central valley…Brilliant move…much better idea than HSR…



That’s the Google Banana. Buy near that banana… :smile:


Buy properties not that close to that area. You will appreciate it. Parking becomes a luxury. I know that area pretty well, the streets by Sunol and adjacent streets were abandoned by the recession but well sought when we were looking for a home in 2011. We couldn’t catch up with the flippers.

The proximity of the SAP center and Google combined are not good for a peaceful location.


Another update for the Google Banana:

Construction of Google’s massive urban village in downtown San Jose is likely to begin about eight years from now, after BART and high-speed rail connections to Diridon Station are completed.


And these now go for $1M a pop (remember these @manch?):


WHAT??? Weren’t they used to sell for 800K??? :scream: :scream: :scream:


I missed a $325K home on 11th st. It could fetch $1M right now.


Yup. Same goes for these:

Honestly, I think we lost a huge opportunity by relocating from San Jose to SF. :frowning: Oh well, at least we’re happy living here.