Google tracks your movements, like it or not


If you disable google location services, you can’t use maps, and a bunch of other things that depend on it.

It sucks. I wish it wasn’t the case.

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They track what you say too


and what you eat.

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Is a necessary evil in order to provide better services for you. The issue is this data is shared directly or indirectly.

The issue is even if you disable location services and opt-out of sharing location data, they still take collect the data. The opt-out is fake.


Who cares if they track your location, as long as you are not robbing banks.

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Oh boy. Terrible argument. wHy don’t you reveal everything about your life if you are not doing anything unlawful?

The thing is law enforcement can frame this info in a way that’s convenient for them, and they’d have no consequences for their action because of how the laws are laid out.

I like to give the jewish example in nazi germany. You don’t want everything to be under record. Jews certainly didn’t want to, and they weren’t doing anything unlawful - until it was unlawful to be a jew.


Is there going to be a class action lawsuit? Each of us can be $10 richer soon


And NSA tracks/extracts/scans google too !

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After owning Nexus phones for 6 years moved to Apple in 2016.

Was checking out the 1st Google pixel recently & found it to be terrible in terms of it being slow at just 2 years old but were asking Apple prices when it was released.

I don’t have any Google apps on any of my devices.


I’ts probably because of sloppy engineers that don’t think about older devices :slight_smile:

2 years only! where my 2 year old iphone works like a champ.

It’s easy to make mistakes in android wrt resource use, on ios it’s harder.
an example is ios freezes apps when they go background, android will keep them running : )

Your phone might be mining crypto for all i know :stuck_out_tongue: android wouldn’t care.

Nope apps on ios aren’t frozen in background. Check this video out.

It(Pixel XL) can’t even run maps without getting heated up… mining cryptos it can’t even dream of it. :slight_smile:

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Are you afraid of being targeted by the government in the future due to your background?

No, it’s out of principle. It could happen.

There are plenty of examples of law enforcement conveniently using similar data and convicting someone. it’ll be more and more.

Lew Enforcement can’t access any of this without a search warrant. If they have enough on you to get a search warrant they are going to find out what they want to anyway. This is used for apps and advertising purposes.

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Except that they can. Check Snowden’s revelations. Check Patriot Act.

I would rather have this data not collected than collected but maybe not checked. Making it NOT possible is the first line of defense.


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