GOP is dead in California. When is the funeral? lol

‘The Grand Old Party is dead’: Agony in California as Republican losses spiral

I think you mean GOP…

GOP is the GOD party. GOD has been dead in California since 1964


Ok, my bad @BAGB

Seattle is still safe though. With a lack of state income tax, Washington state won’t have excessive a mount of government money to become California

“Two examples: Statewide voters said by 30 points, 64 to 34 percent, that there’s “too much pressure to be politically correct.” Voters also said they’re against a state income tax by a whopping 60 points, 79 to 19 percent. There’s room for smart fiscal moderates who don’t thump the Bible. But it may take years to repair the wreckage from Trump.”

GOP started their own death sentence with Pete Wilson’s racist anti immigrant BS back in the 90s. Now Trump is doing his best to do the same. National GOP will be dead in 20 years. :dancer:

I am watching the Orange County races this year. There’s good chance GOP will be completely wiped out there. If you know anything about OC that’s very remarkable.

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Well, your boy, Gavin Jr. (Beto) almost pulled it off until the fix, err, rest of the ballots were counted…

Coming within 2 points in deep red Texas is the best performance any Dem has pulled off in decades. Obama lost Texas in double digits both times and still became president.

Can you find any GOP coming within 2 points in CA state races? How much did that loser Cox lose by?

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People are the same and the most important. Doesn’t matter which party they claim to be. California Dem party will be split into a GOP styled Dem party and the socialist/communism styled DSA.

I think California May become a state with no political parties.

In the future, Californian’s only job is to fight against DSA. GOP is already dead, only the crazies would fight against a dead body

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Gavin had it in the bag, even before any flyers started bombarding my mailbox. Beto’s opponent is pathetic (and still won), so that was partially why his showing was that good. Agreed, Cox was equally pathetic…

Forget about GOP in California. DSA is coming to get you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :scream:

Any of you know Young Kim?

Young Kim is the best candidate GOP has fielded in CA this year. She’s a woman, not white, and seems like a reasonable human being unlike many in her own party. And yet she is still heading for a loss. Tells you something about the national mood.

I can’t like her, she went to USC (SUC)…


USC >> UCLA. We all know that.

OMG, I hope one of your kids actually does get to choose between the two one day, and actually chooses South Central…

Nationally GOP is strong. Only California and a few west coast states are weak or dead.

White people have been moving out of California so it has become left Dem dominated. Some immigrant groups are turning to right, we need to watch

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Not paying attention to the senate races in Nevada and Arizona? Also look at Midwest states.

Those are just normal midterm reactions from the one party rule in Washington. I’m looking at long term trend in California

One party rule does not last long. That’s why I think California will move away from one party rule after some years. Key is how strong the conservative immigrants can be in state politics

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