Gosh, What Is It With Canada?

Vancouver and now filtering to Toronto.

Canada is great but nothing there can beat the Bay Area.

Supposedly the chinese food (spec Vancouver) kicks our arses easily in the Bay…

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So what, the Chinese food in China kicks Canada’s Chinese food arses easily as well.

Canada has so much land yet the housing price is out of control.

Is there much restriction on building houses? We can bring a bunch of illegal immigrants to Canada and build houses for the Canadians

Yeah, what’s to not like about China? Horrible pollution, corruption and standard gray Mao jackets. Gosh, sign me up…

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Well there’s always Hong Kong for the snobs…

Yeah there is. It’s called snow. :slight_smile:

If you look at large cities in US, they’re along the both coasts east and west.
If you look at large cities in Canada, they’re all along the US borders, to stay as South as possible. :wink:

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The only places in Canada suitable for living are Vancouver and Toronto. So home prices are soaring only in those 2 metros.

All my friends would get mad to hear this outrageous statement. :slight_smile: But yeah I get where you’re coming from. From personal experience, I still think Montreal is the best place to live in all of US and Canada, but what do I know… I gave up a SFH in Mountain View for a condo in SF.

O M G !!!

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So you gave up a SFH in the heart of Silicon Valley to buy that $2M condo in Bayview? :slight_smile:

My statement was not outrageous at all. How is it possible to live in Montreal without knowing any French! Parle vous francais? They will spit on you and smack you silly if you dared to speak English at all!

There’s certain angst among francophones against anglophones, but I managed to survive by spitting back at them for many years. :slight_smile:

In contrast, Vancouver and Toronto are fine cities to live in, but definitely boring as hell. No culture. Vancouver maybe (chinese?), but Toronto, Yuck!


I don’t find those two cities boring at all. Toronto is quite nice. I thought about buying a condo up there but this RE xenophobia is getting out of hand.

Trump is going to invade Canada. …Needs a good win to boost popularity…Easier than taking down North Korea. …lol

I am telling you, you read some interesting things on this forum…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At least they have a presiden speaking good English, a president you can understand. :laughing:

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Montreal is too socialistic to be worthy of any investment. But it could be nice to live there since its weather is comparable to toronto