Gosh, What Is It With Canada?


Can it spread to Vancouver???


Can it spread to the Fab 7x7???


Anything is possible, but as we have seen in the past the Fab 7x7 is able to take a punch and bounce back much faster than most cities. Too much chinese money here, enjoying not only stability but actual appreciation. Why go somewhere else?


I definitely think the Bay Area is more stable than any Canadian city. We have the tech industry. We have the weather. Nothing in Canada can beat that.


Canadian dollar is not stable


Canadians have free healthcare. Why doesn’t everyone want to live there?


We do, kind of!!! Vancouver would be prime for that (healthcare) and chinese food!!! Unfortunately, the pricing at least in Vancouver is off the charts for now…


If you can handle Vancouver weather, then Seattle should be on your radar.


How is the food in Seattle? I see it’s nice to be on the west coast, but it’s neither in the Golden State, nor is lead by someone with a positive online presence :slight_smile:


Who’s this ugly looking dude? Donald is much more handsome :slight_smile:


The laptop is even uglier.


Seattle food is pretty good. There are a ton of local restaurants. I don’t see many chain restaurants in the dense areas.



This seems like a re-run of 2007 US subprime crisis. Does anyone think this can spiral into US?


Shouldn’t our generally tougher underwriting standards since the crisis pretty much save us? And besides, that outfit in Canada is not a bank (not protected).


(sorry to interrupt the Canada discussion to ask for market research on Seattle)

So is it true that burritos are nowhere to be found there? What about egg tarts, or curry? Is it less casual there?


Seattle has all of that. There’s just not a burrrito place every few blocks. I haven’t had curry yet, but I’ve seen places that have it. There are a lot of ethnic food trucks too.

Seattle is very casual. It’s similar to the Bay Area in terms of attire. I’ve never seen or heard of a dress code anywhere.


I thought standard attire in Seattle was a raincoat…lol


I think I’m wrong about Seattle. At least it doesn’t have the threat of an earthquake. Maybe I should sell all my real estate home holdings in the Bag Area and convert them into Seattle real estate. What do you guys think?


If you go back and see that story about people who actually left for the Pacific Northwest, some loved it but some hated it for the gloomy weather and rain. Come on, if Seattle were all that, it would have been happening years ago big time. Remember “Sleepless In Seattle”??? Should have bought then…