Gosh, What Is It With Canada?


With climate change, will Seattle become warmer or cooler or less rainy? Will your children be happy since there is an estate tax?


Seattle is happening. It has population growth, job growth, and wage growth. That drives real estate prices up, up, up. Real estate here has doubled in the last 5 years. If you look at net migration between bay area and Seattle, Seattle is taking people away. It has the 2 richest people in the world. People love to site startup funding, but what percent of people actually work for a startup? Established tech companies are far bigger providers of jobs. Newer companies create more wealth, but it’s highly concentrated in fewer hands.

Honestly, I think now is the golden age of investing. Companies can create unprecedented revenue and profit from a very small number of employees. IBM is still 380,000 employees. They generate $80B revenue and $11.9B profit. That’s $210K revenue and $31k profit per employee. Modern tech companies are a fraction of that and generating more revenue and profit. Facebook generates $1.6M revenue and $597K profit per employee. You can also see IBM is 15% profit and FB is 37% profit.


Shouldn’t we support IBM since it is a bigger provider of jobs? Also, it is the only tech company that is around for more than 100 years.


You wish to be 10% that ugly. :scream:


What’s wrong with Canada?

It has a leader that speaks good English, and probably one of the leaders of the free world.


Haha… beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!


Canada is America’s backyard. Not a leader for sure.


True! We all from different races see others with different lenses. The ugliest girl in our community may be the most beautiful girl in yours and vice versa.


They have a leader who knows how to speak to all his people. A leader that is not putting down half the country, threatening, insulting, demeaning anybody that is not on his side. He is not feared, but adored where he goes. He is expected, not disrespected. He is not making Canada the laugh of the entire world.

Leadership doesn’t have anything to do with money. Period!


Canada was, is, and will always be America’s backyard.


Canadian housing market could crash before China. It seems really risky now.

Its impact on US will be minimal. Did Canadian housing market has any correlation with US in the past?


Nobody cares about the Canadian market…Including Canadians…Most would rather buy in the sunbelt of the US or Mexico…Canada is only pleasant 3 months a year…


But Canadian housing appreciation has been super, greatly exceeding US


Foreign Chinese money is goosing up the appreciation. .Go to Puerto Vallarta or Phoenix, full of Canadians. …Canada is unlivable in the winter…In fact Vancouver is the only livable city in Canada…and is cold dark and rainy 6 months a year…There is a reason that Canada is one tenth the US population, and 90% of Canadians live within 2 hours driving distance to the US…


Must I post a recent story about a dozen or so discovered bodies near a Mexico resort (it may not have been PV, but nevertheless…). I was crazy to go down there for a cruise. Never again…


Yeah it is less appealing than before…But mainly because it is full of Canadians…lol
Been going to Cabo San Jose…Lots of Canadian excops. .My buddy I stay with is an ex prison guard. .His neighbor is a Kiwi ex special forces…We feel pretty safe…Drive around in a former Canadian police car…The Mexicans don’t know what to think…Was there the night Trump was elected…The locals wanted to know we thought…They were definitely scared…Great time to have dollars…the peso has recovered by now…



Wow, tax breaks and reducing regulation to attract companies that provide high paying jobs. What’s going on when Canada is becoming more American than the US.


Love Victoria…