Gun Control


It’s not that it won’t be 100% effective. It’s that we already have data that shows it doesn’t make a difference or in other words isn’t effective. The biggest place where people point to it being effective in Australia, and the US had a larger decline in gun homicide rate over the same time period. If it was actually effective, then Australia would have had a much larger decrease in homicide rate. Then there’s also the data that says violent crime rates increased in Australia while they decreased in the US. Not only did banning guns not make a difference in homicide rate vs. not banning them, their people became less safe overall due to an increase in other violent crime. People just ignore that inconvenient reality, since it doesn’t fit their opinion.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country yet one of the highest homicide rates. Do you think making guns illegal is going to be any more effective than prohibition or making heroin illegal? Heroin is so readily available that it’s killing 3x as many people per year as gun homicides. Gangs already have the trafficking process established. They can just add guns to their drug trafficking operations.

People point to the 10,000 gun homicides a year (most of which are gang on gang) while completely ignoring the 2.5M instances of lawful gun ownership protecting people from crime. That’s a 250:1 ratio of good vs. bad. There are 300M guns in the US, so only 0.0033% of them are used in a homicide each year. You mentioned airbags. Would you advocate banning airbags if they save millions of lives but 0.0033% of the time they can cause a death if used incorrectly?


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If you don’t have kids in school, go suck wet sand if you are thirsty. We do.

This is what the dummies from the republican party are afraid to show to the gun hos.


Stop bringing dumb responses. If you don’t have a skin in the game, as the shooting survivors do, just be quiet if you are not going to help. Really.

"I personally have rallied for gun rights … but this experience has changed my viewpoint," said the student, a young woman speaking to David Hogg, a student journalist who captured her real-time reaction to the violence on video Wednesday afternoon.
She spoke in a hushed tone, her face hidden by the darkness. "I wanted to be a junior NRA member. I wanted to learn how to hunt. I was always fascinated by guns as a young girl, but this experience was so traumatizing to the point where now I can’t even fathom the idea of a gun in my house or on my bodice."


We went over the Australian data once. It may even be this very same thread. It’s not what you claimed but that’s fine. We already talked about that.

USA is an outlier in loose fun control. Most countries’ gun laws are far more stringent. It’s not the same as drugs and alcohol at all. Drugs and alcohol bring people pleasure. Guns don’t. Most countries have no issues controlling access to guns.

The “2.5M guns doing no harm” argument is flawed. They are doing no harm but they are not doing society any good either. Where were the 2.5M guns that could save these 17 kids?

Look at this as a public health issue. You look at how many lives saved versus how many killed and think logically. Most other countries don’t have this weird gun obsession.


Just a reminder that after a girl was killed playing with lawn darts in 1987, the U.S. government banned them. Lawn darts.

Yes, 1 girl died, banned!


One step at a time, Grasshopper…



Here’s what is wrong with the US

No other country does this because they don’t need to. We start terrorizing kids at a young age because it’s “too difficult” to protect them with some commensense laws


My wife recently said maybe we should think about moving back to Hong Kong because of these school massacres.

No other first world countries have kids routinely mowed down by machine guns at schools. Not many 3rd world countries do for that matter.


OMG, who is going to eat at our restaurant then?


East Lake Chinese Seafood

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This country may not be (yet) a third world country, but some Americans think like third world countrymen.

I think Japan has like 10 dead by guns in the last 10 years. No need to have guns anywhere. Stop listening to the NRA mantra. And that’s a begging question for you.

On the following video, neighbors had videos of this shooter. I bet they never had the guts to tell the authorities because it may be that everybody thinks that owning a gun is a sacred right and the owners shouldn’t be bothered, the snowflake republicans are afraid of getting somebody mad.

See the MAGA hat on the shooter?


You said the calculation was wrong. I pointed out it was right, and you read the data wrong. You can look it up. The fact you’re holding to it being wrong shows there’s really no point in presenting actual facts.

The 2.5M are actually how many incidents a year guns do good by preventing crime. That’s how may times a year lawful gun owners use a gun to prevent a crime. You should look that one up. The study was ordered by Bill Clinton to make it look like “good guys with guns” narrative wasn’t true. Even the person hired to do the study was shocked by the number.

So why don’t you look at it logically as lives saved vs. lives lost? The 2.5M prevented crimes dwarfs the 10,000 homicides.


Please, stop feeding this spinning nonsense individual. You will be here all your life and this guy won’t show any drop of empathy.
I wonder how a company or group of individuals can stand this person. Really!

Thank you!


The claim that Trump reversed an Obama-era regulation denying guns to the mentally ill is, of course, a flat out lie with no basis in fact.
What was reversed was an outrageous policy of rescinding the rights of RETIREES on basis of them having their SS checks cut to a trustee handling their financial affairs.


He lost me at "Drugs and alcohol bring people pleasure. Gun’s don’t."
How many millions of gun enthusiasts don’t drink or do drugs? How many MILLIONS of lives would be saved if we convinced every druggie and problem drinker to give up their substance abuse and start enjoying long afternoons at the range with their newfound steady hands? Drugs and alcohol are a MUCH bigger problem than guns could ever be. By whole orders of magnitude.


First, let’s compare hk. HK has low shooting death. let’s put it this way, HK ppl feel safe, they don’t need guns.
Recently last 2 years there’s a major surge in gun ownership from chinese people, why chinese people buy gun? they don’t feel safe, secure, some are gun enthusiast, but majority of them are just buying to having one in case someone breaks in and they have a chance of defending themselves.

We have these gangs , criminals, burglars which our state gov/local gov is not doing damn Sxxx about them. burlgars below certain $$ amount of crime, they release them right back into community, no jail time, you take survelliance video to the cop with a big head shot of criminal’s face , they don’t care.

Do i own one, yes, am i enthusiast , no, i rarely touch it. went to the range 2-3 times a year max.
Am i wiling to give it up, definitely when i feel gov is doing something about the crime, do you feel safe walking out at midnight alone? i do it all the time in HK and guangzhou but i don’t feel safe walking alone in here

I understand our jail system, they got no money. whatever, Dude we love to follow other develop country, how about follow singapore, if petty crime don’t want to put them in jail, whip their butt. burglars whip them 50 times in their arse, see if they’ll do it again, after a couple whip, i’m sure some of them will think twice about commiting crime.

Guns for enthusiat, they can store it in range just like HK, you can own one , need license and store in gun range, can’t take it home. But until people feel safer in this country, it’s hard to remove people’s gun.


Don’t let anyone know you own one. It will make you a target for a robbery.


This country went to crap when we banned spanking…


Technically it is not banned.


If we didn’t ban handguns after the Las Vegas massacre, we never will.