Gun Control


But they don’t have lower murder rates.
More Americans die from lightening strikes than from mass shootings.


I love the spinning crew members trying so hard to understand what gun control, and what lightning, and cars driven by dumb people like themselves plowing people on the streets, yada, yada, yada is.

The day, a car driven by a second amendment dumb GOP member enters a classroom and kills 19 kids, talk to me.

The day a lightning kills 50 people in a musical concert, talk to me.

The day you have kids in school, talk to me.

Maybe I ought to remember these people about anti-personal mines, hand grenades, machine guns, military tanks being "banned’? Is that what this is about? A dumb second amendment guy mad at the other guy taking his girlfriend away and driving a tank to school :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Meanwhile, I have to repeat it again…it’s the gun you idiot!


The fact that he sources everything from MSN is an indication that he’s hardly worth the trouble. Same for his senseless commentaries on the best economy in 50 years. And on taxes. The Weekly World News is more credible.


There we go with the “it’s the person” false equation or excuse. The “mass shootings need to occur to sustain an insaciable thirst for guns or weapons with rapid fire that should be in the hands of the military, not the civilians” is a poor and inexcusable statement. That’s what comes out of this.

Why should mass shootings need to exist? Why do you guys accept it? Why the stupidity of not “preventing” those from happening? Cars? They kill people by having defects during their manufacturing, but then you can see the famous recalls to fix them, or they are taken out of circulation.

And, what is hidden on any topic, my favorite saying “it’s the stupid” idea that guns need to go. We all know that given the history of the production of guns, even if the “evil government” (except the present one, of course, this statement is from hypocrite conservative people bent on accusing the other side) came to grab all your guns, they wouldn’t have the manpower, and time to do so, not even in a million years.

See? This is the problem when you debate with dumb or stupid people bent in politics, not reality. Nobody is wanting the confiscation of guns, that is impossible! The real thing is “regulation”. And these dumb, stupid people can’t grasp that concept, they are too brainwashed, sunk into conspiracy theories, listening to Alex Jones or Limbaugh or Hannity, or Foxnews for that effect. The idiots were waiting in Texas for Obama’s army to take over their guns during the Jade Helm exercise. And they are here, on this forum, one of them is pretty visible, oh boy! :laughing:

This is what I call being stupid. Or, paranoid. They shouldn’t own a gun. :smile:

So, all what’s is said and done is to advocate for the banning of weapons of rapid fire, massive shootings or destruction. And that’s where I am famous for, what they call diatribe, is what I call having a conversation, not just bringing a meme and laugh with emoticons. That is for uneducated or dumb people. I like to show and tell.

And, this is where I make my little boys go to their rooms because they can’t answer what I think it is possible to be done, which is the banning of the AR15 or M16 and any other rapid fire weapon. And there’s story about this. And nobody can deny it. Except this country is, unfortunately, being this country so “educated”, so dumb at letting an organization as the NRA owning congress telling them to stop any discussion about banning anything. It is a business line anything else. Money talks, republicans and some rare democrats listen.

The Valentine’s day massacre in 1929, and other ugly examples of killings during the Chicago, etc. mafia era, gave way, when people were smart, for society to stop allowing the ownership of a machine gun.

Then, they said “wait a minute!” We can’t allow a man to grab his military tank and go plowing an entire school, or his post office, or why not the superball?

Why not banning the hand grenade?

Oh, the grenade launcher!

Why not the anti-personal mines?

While there, why not banning or regulate dynamite or fertilizer because of that republican idiot Timothy McVeigh blowing a federal building? I wonder why they “regulated” it?

Oh! Why not the lawn darts because it killed one kid? I wonder if the republicans objected to this banning? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yeah! It wasn’t the banning of the machine gun, the hand grenade, the grenade launcher, the military tank, or those pesky lasers aiming at the pilots at the airport, or the lawn darts, no way! they banned
and/or regulated “the people”!

Oh…speaking of people, I heard a dumb guy in the white house allowed sick, mental people to own guns. It’s the people right? Oh well! :scream::scream::scream::scream:


And, just reading this press report makes my points valid.

I hate when they call me from school because a lock down. I fear for my kid’s life. And that’s something I take very serious and get upset when idiots who don’t have kids joke about guns and nuts owning them.

I bet they are so handsome to go walking these neighborhoods at night, even armed to their teeth. :roll_eyes:

The five victims brought the number of homicides in Seattle so far this year to 21, matching the total for all of last year, and left city leaders wondering what could be done to stop the bloodshed.

“”"During the manhunt, Roosevelt High School, Eckstein Middle School and Greenlake Elementary were locked down, according to the school district.

In other recent violence to hit Seattle, a bystander was wounded near the Space Needle Saturday when he was struck by a bullet that police say was fired by a gang member involved in a dispute with another man. Later that night, about 60 shots were fired in drive-by shootings at four houses. No one was hit.


Wow. People are showing their true colors and the MSM is assisting by not covering it.


At Least 40 People Killed in Mass Shootings at Two New Zealand Mosques killings




We have a poster here salivating at the thought of that happening in the US. Do I need to mention a name? Did you read him saying anything about this massacre? Of course not! His criminal mentality is pretty obvious.

He supports a terrorist president right here in the white house that is inciting violence against anybody exercising democracy. And he ain’t going to say anything resembling a “my deepest condolences” to the relatives of those killed in mass shootings. He enjoys it because then he can bring “data” to support his narcissism.

He is happy that this happened in Brazil too. The idiot president over there opened a can of worms when he allowed people to buy guns. Well, sooner than later, somebody committed a massacre.

“”"“President Jair Bolsonaro ran on a platform that included promises to crack down on criminals, in part by expanding public access to guns. Soon after his Jan. 1 inauguration, Bolsonaro issued a decree making it easier to buy a gun.”""


Buried in the NZ news there was a much less publicized second attacked stopped by an armed citizen.

“ Second shooting at mosque in Linwood

A second shooting happened at a mosque in the Linwood area of the city.

One Friday prayer goer returned fire with a rifle or shotgun.

Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots around 1.45pm.

A well known Muslim local chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off.”


So sad that most mass shooters are supporters of the treasonous lying president in the white house. Oh, never mind! His supporters foaming at their mouth won’t say anything.

““hailed Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”””.

The 74-page dossier, which has been described by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as a “work of hate”, hailed Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”.