Gun Control

Yes, one incident, but in an affluent area nevertheless. No place is safe anymore!!!

I guess I want to live next to this neighbor!!!

Time to get those CCW permits.

I’m surprised it took this long to challenge it. Michigan had a similar law, and it was over turned by the state Supreme Court. It’s not legal to require proof of need and then have people arbitrarily deciding who needs a permit and who doesn’t. The liberal comments on how it makes the public less safe are honestly insane. Those people should just create gun free zones and live in them. The signs posted will keep them 100% safe inside the zone.

If he had hit one of the robbers, he would be in jail. Robbers-if they had gotten away with the car/money from the 3/4 women in the Bentley would have been free. The police have no clue where these goods/cars are being sold? I guess we’re all stupid if we believe that :slight_smile:

Even without hitting anyone I’m not sure what the rules are. Discharging a firearm on the street in Bay Area for protection, the law might not be on our side . Like the following:

From the latest Supreme Court ruling, won’t these types of scenarios happen more frequently now? I mean, someone is going to argue that I was coming to the aid of my GF, BF, neighbor who was being assaulted, etc…? I feared that her/his/their lives were in imminent danger (say, a gun was aiming at the victim) and I felt I had to do something to save their lives. I’ll take those chances with a jury…i think…

It would not happen more frequently IF the robbers/burglars don’t believe that they can get away with anything especially in places such as CA. However, without that belief(of seeing police+DA’s record of crime solving+prosecution in real, not just by assurances), I’m afraid people might have no choice but to protect themselves, their family and their properties.

Yes, this might create a potentially volatile situation.

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Nothing volatile where I Iive and you don’t even need a permit to carry a gun.


My guess is in AZ they jail criminals also unlike here :slight_smile:

Well yes. There’s that.

Why do people who know the least about gun laws advocate the most for changing them?

41 of 50 states are shall issue for concealed carry permit.

25 states don’t even require a permit.

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Because sir, this is the internet. :rofl:

Even as non-gun owner, I think “may issue” is a ridiculous policy. I’m more in the Shall camp.

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lol yep that’s near me - apparently the women drove home from SF in a Bentley and that’s why they were followed…

See, you can’t have nice stuff around here now without getting the riff raff interested…