Harriet, Is This You?


She may make more money now than her old job

For sure, and definitely having more fun too!!!

Why would I want to spend so much time doing vlogs when I’m on vacation? Defeats the whole purpose.

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Well vacation blog would be your job. You spend 1 hour to do blog and the rest of 23 hours for you to spare

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This person spends a full day shooting videos and another day editing them. That and solo travel both don’t sound very fun to me.

Soooo, @harriet, since we now have a baseline if you will, without being too modest of course, would you take her??? I am sure the boys here want to know…

(Yes, totally inappropriate and I am slapping myself silly while typing this…)

Take her what? As a travel buddy? No.

Hell yes!

How about this:

He can be my bodyguard :relaxed:

Harriet likes white boys… sorry @sfdragonboy you don’t have a chance.

Unfortunately, can’t have two pretty gals at once anyway…

Just playing, but wanted to see how Ms.@harriet would rate herself vs the gal in the story. “Take her”, meaning could you beat her??? Me, of course I wouldn’t stand a chance against Chris Pratt(?)…

Why don’t you ask harriet to post a real photo of herself here for you to compare?

Good point. We can set up a poll and see how Ms. @harriet fairs in a real, live democratic society (no, we ain’t going electoral college here)… Hopefully, she won’t do like Hillary did and pre-order the White House sheets and linens…

Really… :smile:

You know what they say, you’re probably not as good as you think but you are probably also not as bad as you think…

Think of it as, Hot or Not… remember that???

Whatever happened to that website??? Apparantly the owner made millions and retired.

Trivia: do you know the founder of YouTube (Jawed Karim) created the website based on inspirations he got from HotOrNot?

See, the craziest or silliest things is what the marketplace wants. Nobody cares about some pseudo complicated spreadsheet for you to track your stocks, they want fun, fun, fun!!!

If I say I am prettier than her then you guys will say I’m arrogant, or an ugly hag vice versa. Why dig myself into a hole? :unamused:

IMO the girl in the story looks average. FWIW, I got sexually harrassed (verbally) by someone at work before. Not sure if that means anything but I guess beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Not necessarily. Just difficult to find a picture with hot Asian guys online at my finger tips haha