Harvard Doesn't Want Asians

I was a better swe before i went school.

It’s about time someone created rules to hold Asians back. All the talk is about white privileged, but Asians have a higher median income. Harvard needs to give white people a fairer chance. /sarcasm

I think they should only use test scores. GPA has too many variables and too much grade inflation by schools that increase GPA for AP courses. The standardized tests are the only equal way to compare students.

Ethnic harmony is important. There should always be affirmative quota for the underrepresented. Strictly meritocratic policies do not work well in a multiracial country.

Nobody cares about the racial makeup of international students. So there is no political pressure to increase one race’s number at the expense of another. Any guess what’s the racial makeup of these international students at Harvard and MIT?

Cowen’s take:


My take is simple. Harvard is risk-averse with respect to the stream of future donations, as are many other schools. Asian-American admissions don’t have the same donating track record as the white students traditionally cultivated by Harvard and other top universities. Either Asian-Americans may seek out “diaspora philanthropy,” or they simply may have a more cynical attitude toward top institutions that they basically have never had any control over.

Furthermore, there is a common fear — repugnant to me I should add — that if a student body becomes “too Asian,” many white students will be less interested in going there. I taught at UC Irvine for several years and found it to be a delightful experience, but this is exactly what many schools are afraid of (the UCI student body is disproportionately Asian, and the honors class I taught in my first year had only one non-Asian student in it).

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Absolutely. Asian Americans are also very stingy and don’t donate back to the university like whites do. So why should Harvard accept these stingy people and cut short its future income? If I were in the admission committee, I would definitely take that into account. Lessons for us Asians: don’t be a miser.

Money, money, money.
No money no talk.

For money reason, state funded colleges are lowering admission standards to increase intake to get more funding. They also try to get out-of-state students since they pay full fees.

For money reason, private colleges try to admit overseas students and those who give good donations.

Money, money, money.

You can in fact buy your way into Harvard like Ivanka’s husband did. This Chinese article has the goods.


Absolutely. Plutocracy working at its finest. Capitalism works and works well.

Cowen’s point about “too Asian” can be observed in Cupertino. Indeed many whites and Asians themselves avoid Cupertino because it has too many Asians. That depresses Cupertino’s house prices compared to say Palo Alto.

Maybe one day Sunnyvale will overtake Cupertino. :smile:

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Sunnyvale has a lot of indians. Los altos, Palo alto and menlo park are the white areas. Mountain view is white, but has good amount of hispanic, as far as i can tell.

That is sad. You don’t see Caucasians avoiding certain areas because there are too many white people.

Maybe sad but most definitely true. Like many Asian women prefer white men to Asian men.

Well we kind of do. I wouldn’t like to be living next to someone from my own nationality. Call it arrogancy/ironic, but i don’t really like to be around my people, and being around people that don’t speak my language gives me some level of privacy, too.

I actually started feeling a bit sad when i noticed more and more people that speak my language. Me and my wife immediately stop talking when we notice someone.

I dedicate my thread “privacy is dead” to you. Amen.

You and your wife should start learning Morse code.

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Morse code is well known by ham radio operators which united states have many :slight_smile:
I should learn esperanto or som3thing. Something exotic.

The corollary to this is that many white men prefer Asian women to white women. So not all is lost for us Asians :rofl:

Haven’t been looking at schools and such because my kids are very young, why Do they club Indians with Asians ?

I don’t see a different race.

What language do u speak? :smile: