High crime areas in California

Three are in the BA. SF is number 8
Emerville number 1

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Gross simplification. Tenderloin is not the same as Pacific Heights! They should rank this list according to zip codes, or better yet… neighborhoods… :wink:

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I saw some brand new modular units being built in Emeryville. Time to invest there.

San Francisco #8. Glad I don’t live there. Nothing near San Diego!

Um… you are very close to Tijuana which is a shit hole of a place for drug trafficking… :rofl:

Trump’s big beautiful wall will protect me!!!

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Bad methodology. They’re measuring per capita but E’ville has low population relative to all kinds of activity. Eat worms Clickbait Hub!

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Yes, amazing how SF properties are lingering and dying on the vine…begging for people to buy. Unfortunately with the wealth that is concentrated here one would expect knuckleheads to come in here (they of course don’t live here) and try for an easy score. Sadly, our pathetic lazy and clueless leaders would prefer that we concentrate on condemning North Korea or demanding Happy Meal toys be regulated…

You mean tweeting?

I need to report a crime.

Some SOB stole my squeegee. I had it for 3 years, the best I had. I had it against the wall next to my garage and they had the audacity of grab it from there?

Jesus! Thank God I wasn’t around with my AR-15…:joy::smiley:


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Becerra is finally actually doing his job. He spends most of his time suing Trump.

Another reason not to use Uber/Lyft.

Wrong conclusion. No night out :slight_smile:

What do you expect in San Francisco.

High crime or must have night out?
If want night out often, please go to Singapore or Hong Kong. Very safe even if your wife wears provocatively.

Leaving young kids at home and having fun in another town is culturally very foreign for me.