Hillary Clinton 4.0 for 2020


You know it’s true :smile:


Especially if Hillary runs.


I still think Trump is the right’s Jimmy Carter. 2020 will usher in a new progressive era with a more populist federal government. You know, the agenda Trump actually ran on as a candidate. But right after he became president he just turned his back to it and let the Ryan McConnell wing of GOP take over.

Forget about appealing to the moderates. Trump will do his best driving them to the arms of the Dems. Just fire up the base and they will be alright.

Beto 2020!


Come on, my hair is better!




Beto sweats better.

Listen to the man talk. That kid is going places.


Ok, you forced my hand to go real scientific and analytical… whose wife is hotter, WINS!!!

Gavin, in a landslide!!!



Maybe in 20 years, Beto&wife will look like Gavin&wife.


Seems that Trump is concerned about Hillary


“The 26-year-old entrepreneur hired an employment lawyer to negotiate the terms of his departure from Facebook. After the lawyer argued the company had violated California law by pressuring Luckey to voice his support for Johnson, Facebook agreed to a payout of at least $100 million, according to the report.”


I’ll laugh if it’s Hillary again. At least you know she’ll have all the super delegate votes regardless of what happens in the primaries. The irony of that for a party that claims they want to do away with the electoral college and go to a popular vote. That is as long as they get to pick the candidate for the popular vote election.


I think she will try again. It’s her personality. Realistically she could win the primary despite some angry mobs.


Liberals will bring her back…with same results. If she decides to run I don’t think a known name will be running against her in primaries. It would be someone who is lesser known…

It would be a sad testimony of what’s ailing liberals and how they live in their own echo chamber


She will go down as the first female candidate to lose x number of times…at least I hope she comes up with a better slogan this time :woman_facepalming:


Hill Climbing :sweat_smile:


Vote a woman!


Hillary will do worse than last time. Her most recent comments about Lewinsky wouldn’t go well with woman voters. She supports Bill Clinton even today for how he acted with Monica. She also blamed Lewinsky saying she was an adult. Where are all the liberals crying for #MeToo?


Lewinsky wants to apologize to Hillary. Hillary can pay $3M to Lewinski and hire her as a campaign aid. Lewinsky gave her consent and she was not a victim of Clinton, she is a victim of media.

Hillary was a victim of both Bill and Lewinsky


Hillary isn’t a victim, she’s a participant. She covered up Bill’s rape attempts and threatened the women he raped. Just look up Juanita Broaddrick’s story. Any sane woman would divorce, but she wanted power and followed him to the top.

Lewinsky wasn’t the worst thing at all that happened in their marriage. At least it was mutual.


I didn’t vote based on gender last time and I’m not gonna start now. If it’s between Hillary and Trump y’all know who I am gonna vote for :alien:


If that was credible, I would assume GOP would try their best to pursue criminal case. But there was no criminal prosection at all.

Even Dr Ford got a senate hearing and FBI investigation.