Hillary Clinton 4.0 for 2020


That’s because Hillary is more useful to Trump as a foil for political attacks than in jail. Whenever he’s criticized for lies/unethical behavior he can deflect with ‘but Hillary’ instead of answering for his sins directly.


Different times. There was a time when he said she said cases were rarely prosecuted.


Once Hillary, and Clinton’s money machine (that has bought pretty much everyone in Dems), leaves the arena it will make way for real candidates to emerge. Till then only unknowns like Obama and Bernie can come forward.

By 2024 I expect Jeff Bezos and Marc Benioff to emerge as contender. But only if Clinton’s leave the field.


I see no reason to believe it isn’t credible. But Juanita wasn’t interested in the sh*t-slinging she’d have gotten, and Bill was already out of office. What’s the point? Hillary wouldn’t have gone down even if everyone believed her husband raped someone. She was too powerful.


Hillary almost won. Comey stole her presidency. It’s cruel to deny her candidacy. She has the right to run for 2020 as a lawful citizen, that’s her constitutional right.


Loser’s argument. Nobody can steal anything from anybody if the foundation is strong.


Hillary is presidential material for sure. I was prepared to vote for her in 2008 and believed that she would win primary and eventually become a president.

The real person who stole the presidency from her is Obama. In 2008, it’s apparently going to be a democrat president. The only real battle was the primary. I didn’t pay much attention to politics then and was surprised that she lost the primary. Of course I voted for Obama based on party affiliation and does not know what Obama wants to do.

The defeat in 2016 is expected for a Democratic candidate. I think Hillary outperformed in 2016. People don’t understand and were misled by the media and set her to an unrealistic expectation. Hillary did a fine job, media did a lousy job and owe an apology to Hillary.

2020 would still be a loss for Democrat. But Hillary will achieve the least loss than other candidates. So Hillary is still the candidate with the best chance.


She does, but she should give it up already for the benefit of the nation. Women voted for Trump despite his obviously inappropriate behavior and attitudes towards women because that’s how much they didn’t like the idea of Hillary in power. “The least of two evils” was the motto for the last election. Doesn’t she get it? People don’t want four years of her egotistical power trip. And running again is just her egotistical power trip taking hold again. The democrats need someone they actually like running for pres. Bernie, despite his platform, had people who really liked him. Obama had people who liked him and considered him a good, solid candidate even if they wholely disagreed with his policies.


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What? Another woman did that?