Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


The argument was launching 8 and X at the same time was stupid. No one would buy the X compared to the cheaper 8. The massive ASP increase proves that wrong.


Tell me, if you were still working as a regular employee and one day your employer says to you, Mr. Austin, you no longer “have a place” here at ABC company. Are you a failure in some respects, if say you were only hired 9 months ago? Sorry, but yes, a failure. The company probably could have done without you altogether, just like Apple sounds like could have simply skipped X altogether to get to the new models.


Your analogy always as sucks as your illogical assertions. Enough of my time. Sorry not responding to anymore of your make no sense responses with no real substance. Put some solid evidences into your arguments, I would respond. Do some homework and think harder and deeper, don’t just blah blah blah like an UCLA grad.


Well, you are a shareholder and of course can’t think objectively anyway… True???


Did I write that article, Sir? I mean, why can’t you be objective for once instead of being a 10000% Apple fanboy all the time? Sure, Apple will make tons and tons of money anyway and let me remind you I am a user, but every company is up for discussion on their moves. Every move can be dissected as a good move or not. I chose to see the X as a failure. So what? Don’t take it so personally. A confident man, a really confident man, could care less about the occasional negativity…


Apple (AAPL) Stock Remains a Buy at New High

Apple’s Breakout Seen Boosting Stock 10% Higher


Damn you :rage:

We need more badmouthing ASAP!!!


Sorry didn’t work :wink: Badmouthing needs evidences too. Just yelling again and again the same old illogical stuff don’t work. Investors are not boorish dimwits.


No, they are. :smile:


Contrary to some ABC’s attitude of going for profit regardless, Apple just broke its update cycle record with iOS 12 on iPhone 5S . People whose eyes are filled with dollar and cents won’t understand taking care of humanities are more important.

While Apple may certainly not be perfect, they do look out for their aging products, as well as their environmental impact on the earth.

In Apple’s “Gather Round” event on Sept. 12, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, spoke about Apple’s desire to prevent unnecessary mining of earth materials for smartphone manufacturing. One aspect of this is to “design and build durable products that last as long as possible,” she said. “That means long-lasting hardware coupled with our amazing software.” So we can expect that the iPhone 5S won’t be the last iPhone to break records.



Why is your stock app so ancient? Did you not upgrade your phone?


Everyone should get the Chinese Oppo phones.



I keep repeating myself. Apple’s unmatched advantage is in its best-of-the-planet silicon team. Their chips are truly insanely great.


Buy back your AAPLs😈


Can you do some badmouthing to bring the share price down?


You can buy it cheap by shorting put. How much are you willing to pay?


Normally Apple has periods of pessimism. So far it’s been going strong. I will wait until the narrative turns sour.


How much are you willing to pay?
Pessimism may come so early. Usually not for this quarter. May be after Jan.


$180 would be good.