Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?



New ATH :face_with_monocle:




Need to badmouth Apple more. :rage:


Some1 here tried, didn’t work.

Have you bought at $150, you would have the cake (52% ytd appreciation) and eat it (dividend 2% increasing at 10-15%) too.


How many times do I need to repeat myself?

  1. I am actually a user (Iphone) remember??? I just had an opinion about how the 8 and X were marketed. If anything, I was right. Where is the X today? Gone.
  2. Did I write those reported stories? No, is the answer… I try to post all stories, negative or positive. If I missed some, sue me.


Dude you weren’t right. The gross margins on iPhone X carried Apple over the last year and now they are doubling down on iPhone X. And oh BTW, the stock is up big time as a direct result.


No, you’re wrong…


What do you think iPhone XS and iPhone XR are? They are the next-generation of iPhone X. Apple is doubling down on the advances in iPhone X… that is the whole point of these new models.

Of course they discontinued iPhone X, the new versions are here.


Please, why doesn’t Apple just continue offering the X like the other models? Why is it the model that had the shortest shelf life? Obviously, I know about the new models, but again I said specifically about the X.


The massive increase in iPhone ASP proves you were wrong. The X was a hit.


Ok, it was a hit so Apple is discontinuing it. Right. Name me one item in the history of mankind that was immediately discontinued because it was a top seller. So, Apple doesn’t like money and couldn’t keep the X as part of the line up?


I mean the ASPs are out there for you to look at. The higher ASPs since iPhone X introduction have carried Apple as absolute volume has been relatively flat. These are facts.

Your only argument is that they stopped selling the model…so it must have been a failure?


Well, Sir, what else could be a reason? What, Apple doesn’t like more profit? I mean, I am not the first one to say this, right? Again, if it is the greatest thing since avocado toast it would still be offered, like many of the older models. I don’t think that kind of reasoning is a reach. I really don’t.


This probably means nothing for this current discussion but I am a happy X user.


They’re replacing it with updated versions. What do you think XS is? They’ve done the S version the following year since iPhone 4 was followed by 4S. Every year they upgrade the phone. You can argue yourself in circles, but now you’re just making yourself look bad.


The truth about iPhone X :slight_smile:


Yes, they update the models but keep the current model, no? Why the shortest model life? Again, if something is sooooo great, don’t you think you would keep it? Why wouldn’t you?

Sheesh, I didn’t say this…


The possible reason for not having the model iPhone X for sale was discussed after the launch. It doesn’t have a place.

Starting price of XS Max = $1099
Staring price of XS = $999
Starting price of XR = $749
X and XS looks very alike but XS has a better bionic chip and neural engine.
XR has a better bionic chip and neural engine than X but a LCD instead of an OLED display.
Where should X be? The decision to not sell X has been made probably long ago before it is for sale because Apple does know the spec of the next 2 versions that they are going to sell.

Btw, for those who know very little about Apple way yet want to talk a lot to show their lack of knowledge, Apple is well-known to cannibalize its own product. One well known example is the highly sought after iPod mini was replaced by iPod nano at its peak sale.


Right, so why is it wrong for someone to hold the opinion then that it was essentially a failure (because it doesn’t have a place)? Hey, he said, she said…


What kind of twisted logic is that?
Of course, anyone can have their own opinions even if it is the most illogical one :rofl: unsupported by evidences. Did you read the rest of my post? It makes no sense to have X because of pricing (more correctly cost of material) and spec. 3 models are better than having 4 models. Apple always try to minimize the number of models to simplify consumers’ decision. Many companies would have possibly chose to sell X too but it would be too confusing from Apple’s eyes… not the Apple way. Using what were learned from what other companies to assess what Apple would do is not the right yardstick.