Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Whatever. My purchase wins today… :rofl:


Didn’t you break your 52w low rule with AAPL? It looks like it’s heading there. :smile:


I’ll set a limit order for SQ at $34 :relieved:

The 52w low rule only applies to new money. This is an underdog replacement so it’s under a different rule.


And what is that rule?


I was specifically looking for a dividend stock to replace my other dividend one. Didn’t buy much yesterday because my old one didn’t settle in time. If it drops below $190 I’ll buy the rest.


wuqijun is telling you that he has info, hence excellent timing. So slow :smirk:


Yes I have a direct line to Tim Cook’s office so don’t mess with me… :rofl:


If anything that would be TSLA - why buy at $274/share when he could have gotten it $20 cheaper the day before…just sayin’ :wink:


Look at the stock price now. Joke’s on you.


Who cares - for someone who boasts about getting it at $35, to get it at $274 all of the sudden means you have some other info…maybe a secret connection to Elon.


After you smoke a joint or two you too will have a special connection to Elon.


Oh… I see what you’re saying. Yes I communicate with Elon on a regular basis. Too bad you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity when I offered you the chance… :rofl:


Oh NOW you see…yeah go around and insult me first like the rest of you here :unamused:


Insult is too strong of a word. You just need to be taken down a couple notches due to your own remarks on others… :rofl:


Sorry nobody can take me down. Only I can take myself down :innocent:


That is what I’d said. She is slow and para phrase me. Princess doesn’t give me credit which mean she might not give credit to … :imp:


It’s clear who’s mean to who…some serious mass bullying going on here :unamused:


Don’t be so serious :sweat_smile:
Have some fun, is off-office hours :joy:


Hope this is my last AAPL purchase (compromised many other stocks for AAPL) ! No more AAPL even if it dips further !


I bought more too. Done with the underdog replacement fund.