Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Exploiting manch’s curse? You guys have a memo from manch that he had lifted his curse?
Technically, AAPL has broken below the uptrend started since early 2016. Horizontal support is $180.


Catching a falling knife can be painful. Hope things will recover soon.


My average buy is below $190 so I feel good about this. Don’t care if it falls more. If it falls more that means other stocks will likely fall as well and I’ll just buy more of the other stuff :dancer:


Bloomberg shown yesterday that AAPL came down just below SMA200 every dip. This slide must come down either today or tomorrow max. This is based on TA, but fundamentally AAPL is attractive with good returns.

But, predicting future is not perfectly right as it can always go wrong.


I added a tiny bit to my Apple position but shhh I don’t meet the threshold to talk about it.


Only @jil and I have broken that threshold. The rest of you are wimps.


People have other plans with the money. It’s really none of your business whether people invest $50K+ or not.


What other plans? Saving up for that dowry? :rofl:


Have you been living under a rock?? I already said I’m trying to buy my second house many times on here.


You can get an outstanding vacation mansion in Austin for $400s-$500s. I can take care of the mansion for you for free :slight_smile:


Who takes vacation in Austin?



Warren Buffett takes $4 billion stake in JPMorgan Chase

Buffett also raised his stake in Apple (AAPL), which is Berkshire’s largest stock holding, the filings show. The iPhone maker has been dragging down markets, and fell Wednesday for a fifth consecutive day.



I was wondering about this missing information ! I have actually downloaded, just after release, his 13F filing from edgar database and compared side by side - Aug (46.63B) vs Nov (56.99B) in excel sheet.

He added 522902 shares


I use DATAROMA Invest Alongside Superinvestors .


Apple lost 190 Billion in market cap while Tencent has lost 250 billion little long stretch.


For those who believe in candlestick pattern, last week AAPL pattern is a confirmed bullish harami, a typical reversal pattern. From my experience, the next day i.e. Monday, typically fall, guess is to shake out the last skeptical before moving up. Having stale bulls are irritating as they keep stalling the rally.