Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Not “cheap”, just being “pragmatic”… :rofl:

Although, I will definitely upgrade to the X. I already have a 6S which is not much different from an 8, I don’t think.


iPhone X is the beginning of computers to be just a piece of glass :slight_smile: This vision has been decades long… finally, started to see something that look a little similar. I have to wonder when will it be cost effective to have a wall of computers :slight_smile: , can see through outside or as a display. 10 years? 20 years?

Apple Watch goes cellular 2 years earlier than I thought. Manch and sfdragonboy have no excuse not to buy except being cheap :rage: Don’t think I can’t remember what reasons you guys gave for not buying :wink:


Rumors have it that Apple already has a version of MacOS X running on its own chips for 3-5 years.


What would they do for graphics? I wonder if they’d be compatible with ATI/nVidia or if they’d have their own graphics too. I’m not surprised since Mac OS and iOS keep getting closer and closer together each year.


There are no Cirrus Logic branded audio chips in Apple products. All branded as Apple because they are co-designed by Apple and CRUS. Is there a purpose to design completely in-house? Or bring CRUS in-house?


My guess would be it’ll eventually be integrated into the CPU. Will they have to pay CRUS design royalties for the IP to do it?


How come X and 8/8+ don’t come in rose gold any more? Do they not care about female customers?


They come in with silver and gold. They are universally liked and gender neutral. :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t get the point of the colors. Everyone puts a case on it anyway.


If it’s a clear case then color matters. I was thinking about upgrading to an 8+ from a 6 before the keynote but given the lack of colors and indistinguishable features compared to the previous version I am probably going to get a 7+ after all.


Just buy the X. All of us have money to burn since no one is buying any real estate! What’s a few hundred more?[


Hey, hey, hey… speak for yourself, some of us ARE buying (just haven’t found THE ONE yet)!!!


Actually I do plan to buy RE soon (within the next 6 months-1 year, or sooner if there will be more inventory).


I’m signing a purchase contract as we speak… :rofl:


Moving down to South Bay?


Probably not South Bay because it’s too expensive. I considered Smellpitas initially because it’s a bit cheaper but got deterred by the odor. Maybe I will look into Fremont instead.


Yeah, and plus I just spent a lot of money on this down under trip since I paid for my family too and planned the whole thing. Things in Kangarooland are not exactly cheap you know…


Did you visit the island of hardcore convicts and spot any Tasmanian devils?


Wow, what a daughter!!! We must find you a Prince…


I haven’t gone yet but I’m about to. I paid for flights/hotels/local day tours/other expenses already so I anticipate much more $$ to be spent on food, which means I probably need to eat cup noodle for a while when I come back…:fearful: