Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Um… if your face got smashed up at least you can still use your fingers to punch in that secret pin…


Can’t afford an iPhone X?


I am not into phones. I only got my 6+ when they first came out because my wife convinced me that we both needed to join the Apple crowd. Honestly, I had high hopes for Samsung phones until the battery fiasco. My wife uses up about 2/3 of the data and minutes of our plan. Can’t complain too much, my employer gives me a decent discount off the Verizon plan. If wifey wants one, she can pay for it herself. Ooh, that will be interesting. She always says, being married to me has caused her to become frugile too, but she loves how her bank accounts grow. Well, duh!!! Your hubby pays for everything, remember??? Girl from Malaysia got some serious cash to play with soon on our next home…


This is good until thanksgiving/year end sale comes.

iphone 8 is not so attractive, but iphone X is ! it is priced higher as many of the iphone 6 users will go for it. Iphone 6 & plus was major success, in apple history, and it is getting older now. Most of the users are likely to recycle to new version, that is iphone X. Priced higher will increase the revenue and profit margin.

You will hear record sales of iphone 8 - this quarter and iphone X - next quarter. Normally, well established companies like AAPL meet the target sales/revenue (rarely miss).

In iphone X, apple matched all Samsung standards, retina, OLED, camera, wireless charging, size etc.

Iphone X, in my guess work, will sell better than expected. Oct-Dec sales of Apple is very high and net income around 18B for that QTR. This will reflect before Mar 2018. All these, including Buffet ownership, brings the AAPL to peak market cap 1 Trillion well before Mar 2018.

Amazon or Google or Facebook can not match Apple at this stage.


Hope you are right… I also own FB and Google was well so no biggy…


Apple has a China problem. Its phones are not that hot there. iPhone X will have production issues early on. So I really don’t think Apple can shoot to 1T in 6 months. But again, I won’t have a problem if it does… :money_mouth_face:

On the other hand, there is this rumor:

Apple fabbing its own chips?? Now that’s wild!


How about Apple, FB, GOOG, and TSLA all making it to 1T??? When that happens I think I will treat myself by buying a nice house somewhere and live a little… :money_mouth_face: :heart_eyes: :rofl:


Speaking of chips the new A11 Bionic is insane!

Single core performance is double that of the new Samsung flagship. 4000+ is basically the performance of Intel’s Skylake and even Kaby Lake desktop CPU’s. And Apple even has their own GPU this year, one year after dumping Imagination. If they are fabbing their own chips by buying Toshiba Apple is basically the new, better Intel.

This is wild stuff… Apple’s silicon capability gives them unbeatable advantage on AR. Now I am starting to get that 1T feeling…


That’s my worry about CRUS as an investment. Apple can design them out whenever they want. They are just working their way down the design priorities and adding functions to the main CPU.


A11 benchmark in perspective:

That’s higher than the latest MacBook Pro !! In a phone form factor! That is truly insane!


Sounds like you are waiting in line…


I assume you will buy an X for your wife?

iPhone X will sell like hot cakes in China. People like to show off their wealth there, and iPhone X is the most expensive phone on the market.


Nope, she is on her own on this one. Come on, she has more liquid cash than me!!!


Advice to you: insist on buying her one. You get so many brownie points you are set for a year or two.


Thanks, but can’t do it. Girl has to spend some of her cash now. She is not going to be happy when I find our house and I come calling for some dough…


Yes, I feel like iPhone 8 is just a smoke screen. The real weapon is time is going to be the iPhone X…


Which is why Apple kind of flubbed on this. Why would anyone stop and buy 8 with 10 already out? Should have just released one version, say the 10 since you want to capitalize on the 10th anniversary but then you lose out on the crazy asians like me who crave magic 8…


They all say age is but a number; now I’m tempted to say version is but a number… :laughing:


I think that begs the question of when will AAPL replace INTC in laptops. I would think the AAPL chip has lower power consumption which would increase battery life.


The X will have supply issue. Now if people skip the 8 and wait for X then Apple will have serious short term problem. But I think in the west where people are cheap like us they will go for the 8. X is for china only.