Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Carriers reporting phone activations are public for all to see. How come nobody saw this coming? No news stories of cratering phone sales in China?

If you want to say China’s stats are bogus, sure, but why get excited over a slower PMI? Isn’t it also stats from the Chinese government? Pick and choose stats you like?


In fact, i welcome this as I plan to buy some AAPL tomorrow in my new Roth money tomorrow!

I will also buy some calls too like I did with TSLA today!

It is timely drop😂


PMI is a private survey not a government number.


Anecdotal for sure but all my middle and upper middle class extended family/relatives in China (50+ppl) use iPhone. Despite all the news, none have switched to other brands. In fact, many of them got new iPhones for Christmas/birthdays lately.


Are they all in the US? US sales were good. China was the big issue.


They live in China.

[For the most part, my relatives here in the U.S. use iPhone as well ( another 50+ ppl).]


US sales are good? So good that they have to run promotions? We will see.

There are different versions of PMI. The one that just came out yesterday was from Chinese government.

Apple’s strategy to keep pushing out more and more expensive phones is clearly unsustainable. It’s not a surprise it first ran out of gas in EM’s.

China’s economy is slowing down, just like US economy is slowing down. No matter how you spin it it’s hard to argue apple falling 8% is a win for the trade war.

Nobody wins in a trade war.


American hillbillies.


LOL: Trump wins as he will make this big issue in elections! :rofl:



Apple is a great company with amazing tech particularly in its chip division. It’s simply the best on the planet. But it will continue to face headwind in the medium term. No matter how Tim Cook wants you to believe service will rescue Apple, don’t believe him. It won’t. Apple’s destiny is in making insanely great products. So maybe a better time to buy in is when a new blockbuster product comes in. I think the AR glasses will be the next one? It’s perfect target made for apple. Only apple has the hardware, software and privacy reputations to pull it off.


Did you read the full statement? They literally hit targets everywhere except China.


Good time to increase positions in the A-letter stocks.


You understand hitting targets is not the same as being good?


They did what they said they were going to do. The revenue, GM, and profit are pretty high. I doubt anyone will report higher numbers across all 3 metrics. So yeah, being best in the world sucks.


Ok, crystal clear now???


I read an article a few years ago saying Apple was done. I believe it was written by an engineer, and it was based on the fact that the camera on the latest Iphone wasn’t flat with the back of the phone, but stuck out a little bit. He argued that would have never happened at the old Apple under Jobs, and that the company was not the same anymore. Somehow that article got stuck in my head


Look at the excel, there is a reduction 4B in revenue, but EPS is same at 3.93 (using buyback).
Last year price was $164 and now it turned to $146, still attractive price with EPS.


Trade wars are good and easy to win. MAGA!


My wife asked me a while back, while we were in an apple store looking at laptops, why is MacBook Air heavier than just MacBook? I didn’t have any good answer and still don’t have one.

Tim Cook keeps saying all apple products can fit on one single table. It better be a 20 feet long table because its lineup is a mess.