Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Not likely to fall below $100. But there’s always hope. :smile:


Time for update :slight_smile:
Can 61.8% fib support hold? If not, which fib?



IMO, AAPL is bound to go below 140 , Bloomberg said it will touch 135 around. Effect of future quarters needs to be accounted.



How about this, Timmie:

  1. Stop being “just” an Iphone company!
  2. Go back and fire up that R&D dept and/or go and spend some of that cash you are hoarding! Do something NEW!!!
  3. Stop making so many new phone models so soon and just lower the cost of them!!!



“Revenue outside of our iPhone business grew by almost 19 percent year-over-year, including all-time record revenue from services, wearables and Mac,” Cook said.

“We also expect to set all-time revenue records in several developed countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Korea,” Cook said, noting that some developing markets including Mexico, Poland, Malaysia and Vietnam also set all-time revenue records.

It’s not all horrible news in CEO for the fiscal first quarter. He also expects "a new all-time record for Apple’s earnings per share.”

Record revenue and eps :slight_smile: The need to revise guidance in revenue feels more like due to the arrest of a certain female CFO, a totally unexpected event.



How Apple’s stock could crash below $100

“Apple’s stock has retraced 62% of its prior advance and is coming into $135 support marking its 2015 peak,” Wald writes. “While the stock’s 37% peak-to-trough decline is on par with drops of 45% and 33% in 2013 and 2016, respectively, those prior declines developed over seven and 13 months versus four months currently. This leads us to believe that Apple needs several months to form a base before a bullish reversal can be attempted.”


Yippee! Time to buy :dancing_women:


Wipe that drool off your face. Not yet. Wait for it to crash to $100… :smiling_imp:


Some good news for AAPL fans:


That’s what I meant :dancing_women:


Why not wait for $10? Otherwise your purchase could never be as good as mine.


Much longer than 13 years, he came to Apple when Next was acquired. Probably quit because didn’t get promoted to VP. He is now CTO of a startup, very normal for Senior Directors of FAANMG to join startup as some kind of Chiefs.

Btw, what so interesting about him?


These guys didn’t have solid reasons, either use past price support or fib levels, add in some generic arguments. Having said that, Trump could have overplayed his card. You want to maintain a gap not a MAD outcome.


MSFT first
AMZN second,
GOOGL third,


AAPL now 4th position in market cap.

Along with AAPL, BRK also fell down badly today !


When Tim revised estimates, we can get at any price now !

Bad, Bad…Bad cook, he should have stated in his first estimate correctly or declared it when China banned AAPL products, too late !

Aim for less than $99, let us get below WB price !


Nothing interesting, only more fear monger from Manch.


That is the problem with data driven guys. He only said it after the fact.