Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I think they might be trying to kick start the iCar.


Maybe… Project Titan was canned though, and I think they’d only hired a few hundred people for it. Even 500 people at $300k/yr would only be $150M/yr of spend. That’s a very generous cost per employee even including benefits, stock, facilities, etc. ~70% of R&D cost is employee cost.


I think is few thousands.


Hmm, it says 5,000 employees disclosed. I know people that were disclosed but not on the team. They were part of helping the team get setup and use Apple’s IT systems. If it is 5,000, that’d be about $1.5B/yr. There better be an amazing product coming with that kind of R&D spend. It doesn’t take 5,000 people to develop a car. It can be done with about 1/10th that.


Cook to appear on Cramer’s show tonight:

Why is Cook so eager to pop up the stock price? I’ve never seen Jobs on Cramer’s show, or for that matter Zuckerberg, even though FB stocks has been in the toilet for months. Focus on products, Tim.


Zuckerberg didn’t show up on Cramer yet FB dived even more than Apple though.


Jobs hated investors. He was downright rude during annual shareholder meetings. He didn’t even attend quarterly earnings calls. He left it to the COO and CFO. The only one he attended was during the financial crisis to say Apple would not layoff employees.

Cook has been on Cramer’s show before.


How’s the hostage doing?


When will the CFO be released?


Do you really think Iran is no threat at all?


Do you think Huawei is the only firm that does business with Iran? Do you think arresting a company’s exec is the best way to address the issue?


You always avoid and deflect.

Huawei literally signed an agreement to buy certain US technology. They agreed they would not sell the technology to Iran. Then they violated that agreement shipping phones with Broadcom and Qualcom components. I’m sure most companies are smart enough to not do that.

Canada obviously thought it was important enough to cooperate. There’s no way they would have done that if it wasn’t a serious matter. Canada isn’t going to do anything to help Trump.

I thought the public thought it was good when executives are held personally responsible for crimes their company commits?

As far back as 2012(aka, under Obama), we banned wireless carriers from buying Huawei hardware for their networks. Back in 2014 (aka, under Obama), the FBI, CIA, and NSA flagged Huawei as a risk and banned them from receiving US government contracts. This isn’t just a Trump trade war thing. It’s was ongoing before he even took office.


When you only apply the law selectively that shows there are other motives involved. We almost never arrested company execs for their companies’ wrongdoings. Just look at the financial meltdown that almost brought down the world economy. The US sued almost every major bank in the world, fined them billions of dollars but didn’t bring any criminal charges against their execs.

If you see a cop only targets black drivers but turns a blind eye to white drivers speeding past, you know there’s something other than “rule of law” involved.


I don’t “avoid and deflect”. I see things as connected parts in a system.


Do you have proof any other company violated the law or are you just speculating and pulling stuff out of nowhere?

47 people went to jail for the financial crisis.

Any other fake info you want to pull out of nowhere?


How many of them were persecuted by the US? How many of them from major banks that were fined by US? Wells paid over 2B in fines. Did its CEO or CFO go to jail?


How do they go to jail without prosecution? They just voluntarily go?


That’s my whole point. Whether the US chooses to prosecute or not is a political decision.


Health care is a big market, that’s all good. But from selling iPhone to selling a heart monitor is like pivoting from selling sex to selling broccoli. From something fun to something “good for you”. Even in gyms I see at most 15% of the people wearing apple watches, and these are among the most health conscious people. It’s just not as big a market as selling something fun and addictive.


So you want Apple to be a money face like MSFT or make insanely great products to change the world?