Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Lot easier to make phones than cars…


Not exactly correct but I got the point. When people use iPhone maker, the word iPhone refers to the handset :slight_smile: You are fond of redefining commonly accepted usage of terms :wink: Saying Apple is an iOS company would be more correct, I think iOS and macOS should be merged within 3 years :slight_smile: So Mac is an iOS device soon.
Services are for all Apple products. iOS devices have its own app store, Macs also have its own app store.
Quite often, new iPhones are purchased with AppleCare :slight_smile: Old iPhones are selling well too so iPhone direct revenue includes older iPhones.

Good point. Of course we don’t expect specific sale number to be released for competitive reasons.


Listen to your kids, they’re smarter than you…


Wow, is this the cutting edge design that everyone is clamoring for??? Double glass sides that will cost you a hefty amount to repair? Who hasn’t dropped their phones maybe once or twice. And, I usually buy sturdy cases for my phones. No thanks, I learned my lesson well when I drove a Benz convertible. Advice to wifey would be to actually perhaps consider the 8 instead (if she is so hard up for an upgrade) since the markdowns will be happening.


Come on, don’t be cheap. Buy an X for your wifey as a nice thanksgiving present. If she dropped it by accident then replace it with another one for Christmas :wink:


I have a feeling this is going to be reported about a lot. Come on, who hasn’t dropped their phone right? The expense of fixing this is kind of expensive. My understanding is that the latest Samsung phone is not nearly as expensive to fix. Not good design, my friend…


That fine, the design will improve with X| :wink:


B,b,but…what about me???


Iphone 8


Need Xi Jinping’s help?




Hmm, if the battery situation is now stable, maybe I migrate to Samsung with next buy…


Simple: Go for SPECK case, tough and light weight (compared to others). Having dropped my 6+ and 8+ many times, SPECK case saved my phones !


You will not know how to use it… it’s like migrating from a Mac to a PC… imagine having to pick up a new language in your 60s… :rofl:


Appreciate the recommendation, but are you sure that case even will protect a drop of a double glassed Iphone? (me skeptical…)


Ah the joys of being a beta tester


That would be easy for me. I migrated from PC to Mac :smiley: in 1998. Why 1998? Because it means one dog would be prosperous for a long time… now you know :rofl: why I’m such a loyal and faithful husband.




Did you see this part conveniently hidden at the end of the story? Thieves left the Iphone 8s on the truck…


Speck Case or Otter Box are both drop tested with many iphones & samsungs. They are expensive by their own reliability.

Personally, I have dropped iphone 6 plus many times (accidentally) with Speck cases, two times Screen Protector broken but not iphone.