Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


So those calling for releasing only iPhone X is wrong? Omg… keep this news away from armed-chair marketers and business analysts.


Sorry, but bottom feeders don’t count in my book as consumers…


I heard, don’t quote me, that somehow, if you know the Samsung deal with its batteries, that the powerful battery from IPhone X may give you the same problem.

Wait and see.






Buy more Iphone 8s!!! Please!!! I hate it when Dragonboy is right, again…


  1. Because women had to go through labor pain as opposed to men who go through no physical pain at all (actually for men it only feels good physically… :rofl: )

  2. Because women can’t have babies anymore past 40-45 but men can have babies up til death… :wink:


In California, 6 weeks is the max cap. That’s actually one thing that drives up the cost of being a big employer. Every state has different laws. In Michigan, you used your vacation that year or it was lost. There was no rollover. I think Washington is 5 weeks of rollover. It has to be a pain to monitor all the city, county, and state labor laws of all the places a big company has offices. You always have to make sure your compliant with all local laws. Consolidating that so it’s the same across the country would save a ton of time.


Uh, kinda slow to the party, no?





Come on, I am still stuck on 6+!!!


Current version is macOS 10.13.1 :grinning:
Latest security update is 2017-001 dated Nov 29, 2017 :grin:


:slight_smile: yepp got it today morning.


Uh, YES!!!


Remember when the iOS update bricked everyone’s phone part way through it?


Apple launched a study to look for irregular heart rhythms on the Apple Watch


Hmm, time to buy TSMC???


Finally saw the mythical iPhone X in the wild. Bunch of ugly men in a millbrae Chinese restaurant.


Ok. The next table also has iPhone X. X is huge.


You obviously have not seen the Galaxy series…now that’s YUGE.


OK. I don’t know what Galaxy looks like. Maybe it is.

Anyhoo I had baked pork chop at Cafe Orchid tonight. Pretty decent. I will try their curry beef brisket next time. Restaurant was pretty packed at 8:30.