Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I knew you were going to say something like this, given that you haven’t even switched to Sonic yet… :unamused:


I have commitment issues…


Dude, what happened to our holiday party again?


I believe @wuqijun and @myo may be having it still. I have to stay in the shadows…


I will pay for the sodas. $0.99 for a 2 litter at FoodMax.

How many do you need? :joy:

Shall we leave guns at home? :joy::rofl:


Come on, no semi’s with bumpstocks at least ok???


Honestly we don’t have to make it a full blown holiday party if that is what you are afraid of. We can probably just go eat dim sum with a small group and call it a day.


There is no “i” in soju.
You are not ABK. :slight_smile:


My apologies… (spellcheck needs to be my best friend, I get it…)


Yes… I’m open to a holiday party. Whoever wants to get together PM me. I’ll start a private thread for those interested…


Life get most of my free time these days and I’ll be out of country for the whole month of December, but I am in for 2018 party if there is one :slight_smile:


The title is misleading, designed to grab attention.

However, Apple conducted an audit and told the publication, “We’ve confirmed the students worked voluntarily, were compensated and provided benefits, but they should not have been allowed to work overtime.” Foxconn also said “all work was voluntary and compensated appropriately, [but] the interns did work overtime in violation of our policy” for a 40-hour cap.

Should be “High school kids work overtime for more pocket money contravening labor law." There is an admin lapse. Neither high school nor Foxconn is forcing kids to work more than 40 hrs per week. Those kids work voluntarily for more than 40 hours and no one is stopping them.


Uh, what about me?


Apple Iphone 8


Here you go, Apple Fan Boys/Girls…



“Apple allows mothers to take four weeks of paid leave before giving birth and 14 weeks after. Non-birth parents get six weeks of paid time off, according to TIME.”

That’s sexist! Women get more paid leave than men.

“The tech company also covers the cost of egg freezing.”

That’s more sexism. Why not cover the cost of freezing sperm?

You get paid time-off, but it can be difficult to actually use it. I cashed out 5.5 weeks of vacation when I left. The company did shutdown the week of Thanksgiving 3/4 years and the week between Christmas and New Year’s 4/4 years though. That’s the best time off you can possibly have, since everyone else is off too. There’s no pressure to still be checking email and keeping up with things.


The last time I cashed out my unpaid vacation time from my previous employer, I went and splurged on a special edition Benz convertible (used). I learned my lesson fairly quickly…


At least you get paid when you leave, much better than the whole unlimited vacation scam.


It seems more people and looking for iPhone 8 than iPhone X.

Also, Xbox One is CRUSHING PS4.


I thought there is a cap on how much vacation days you can save. If you past the cap, the vacation days are forfeited. Please correct me.