Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


This is bad for PayPal.


Need to see if the adoption rate takes off.


Does anyone know if eBay accepts this (in addition to Paypal)?


Interesting! My personal experience switching to android devices several times is that although the experience starts fabulously, over a period of time (typically ~1yr) the software glitches and hardware issues prop up and I start regretting the move. Never happens to iPhones. So although android devices are feature rich, offer more freedom and cheaper apps, they are not robust over the long run.

For me, the comment from the article where T-Mobile salesperson says Note 8 died unexpectedly resonates. I would expect that from an android device rather than Apple. Apple is boring but predictable. And if you aren’t a teenage geek, that’s a safer bet. :slight_smile:


Harriet likes it wild. She is bored with iPhone.


What are the advantages of cryptocurrency that are not present in banking services, e-commerce and digital payment services by Apple, Square and PayPal.


Well, our Ms. @harriet just converted so let’s see what she says. @harriet is so docile and shy though so we may never hear from her…:grinning:

My 6+ is the only Apple product that I own and it has been a good phone but it too is starting to get slow or non-responsive in getting online cleanly when I am out and about. I am not sure what I would do if I really had to get a new one. Maybe pick up an 8 real cheap if Verizon gives me a deal that I can’t pass up…


Your money stored in these e-wallets doesn’t appreciate 100% every month :wink:


Hah hah very funny :unamused:

Hard to say for me since I don’t play mobile games much and in general I take good care of my electronics, whereas based on my observation other people seem to abuse their phones a lot which may accelerate their deaths?


Same here - no games, good care. Let’s revisit after you have owned the phone for 1-2 yrs.




Chamath Palihapitiya: Apple is ‘no different than Louis Vuitton or any other luxury good’


Yes and bitcoin is no different from any other bubble mania in history. Who is this clown and why do I have to listen to his rubbish?


He implied that an electronic product should be priced at the sum of components used. Design be damn. Functionality be damn. So we should listen to his great wisdom.


He also likes Tencent. This guy is a genius. :heart_eyes:


Um… I also like Tsla more than both Amzn and Tencent. I’m a god! :rofl:


For your eyes only ! Today at 101 hwy south bound !


Hold on, how can you be a god when I am the true God??? Come on, for all intensive purposes, I pretty much can walk on water. Can you make cities all over the world beg for you to come to their town to just set up a “small office?” NO!!!




That’s because I am 10 years younger. When I get to be your age I will have accomplished 10x more.





Henceforth, you’re known as Hon The Genius :roll_eyes:?

AAPL is a retail investors’ stock. WS doesn’t like AAPL. Media doesn’t like Apple. Is the reason why AAPL is a perennial undervalued stock. At present, AMZN is the hot girl that WS love.