Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Apple is cheap because its moat is narrow. If you don’t shop at Amazon what’s the alternative ecommerce site? Wal-Mart? Do they have the same collections and free 2day shipping?

With Apple you can buy android phone and windows laptops instead. You can argue there is difference in quality but they are functionally equivalent. There is no functional equivalent of Amazon in the US.

Market is not irrational. Not in the long run.


Um… Apple addresses more essential needs than Amazon. Everybody needs a smartphone but not everybody needs to shop at Amazon. Personally I have never shopped at Amazon… I wasn’t avoiding it at all just never came up with a need to.


Don’t think WB agree with you. Anyhoo, SJ avoids to be monopolistic, called it arrogance of SJ or his belief that competition is good. If Apple can’t compete, deserve to go to oblivion.

I buy from AMZN only if I can’t buy them from HD, TGT, COST and Fry electronics. I’m very impatient, I want it asap :grinning: when I feel like having it.

Actually, there is alternative to AMZN for certain verticals. Heard of mono price?


I shop at Costco Home Depot Wallmart Target… Amazon adds no value to me… They all have online shopping too
Maybe best just to shop on google. Toyota wanted $300 for floor mats for my Highlander… Amazon $100.
HD $15, delivered to the store.
Just bought a refrigerator delivered from Sears… $100 cheaper than Amazon… just google what you want.
Everyone has a website and delivery options
Brick and mortar offer more options . Amazon should buy Sears and Kmart… Would expand their delivery options




Damn, there goes that stereotype again…


All look same… :rofl:


Apple Stock Breaks Out Amid Strong iPhone X Demand In China Recall some1 here said weak demand :thinking:

An analyst downgraded Apple because it is in a tick year Next year is the tock year. Tick is bearish :wink:, tock is bullish :grin:


I believe the focus was on the marketing of the 8 vs the X. Do you remember the 8??? No one, ever, remotely hinted that Apple wouldn’t make money…



Yes, planned obsolesence. Apple plays it well…


Is that surprising? PCs slow down with updates too. Each new version of an OS is designed to run on current hardware with more RAM and processing power. New features and functions are unlocked, because the new hardware can support it. Trying to run that extra stuff on hold hardware is going to result in the OS running slower than the prior version. Without this, we’d never need to upgrade hardware. We’d just run the same software forever with no new features or functionality.


I keep on getting that stupid message about completing the process on Apple Pay!!! Maybe, I don’t want your freaking Apple Pay, dig??? Get out of my phone!!!


Why not? It’s super convenient. It’s way faster than the stupid chip reader for cards.


Old study updated on Dec 19. What is the update from the original article (published like very very very long ago)?

Old iPhones updated with latest iOS would experience slowdown because:

  1. As explained by marcus, larger iOS that have many new features so take more processing power to run, old iPhones don’t have the required processing power.
  2. As Poole pointed out, battery has aged and if run at same speed won’t last whole day, so is slowdown so can last whole day.


Enabling Apple Pay doesn’t mean anything. With no cash, nothing happen, and you can disable in the settings anyway.


Why enable then in the first place? That is why I hate companies like Apple, always trying to force things down your throat. Don’t call us, we’ll call you…


Enabling allows me to send cash to you :slight_smile: directly just like bitcoin and venmo.


I already use Paypal from all that eBaying from back in the day…