Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Why don’t they start sharing their net worth with strangers… :rofl:


Odd is in your favor since Apple pays dividends (not tax efficient and reduce market cap) and buyback share (reduce market cap). So can’t bet big.

Bet 1 dim sum lunch any time either AMZN or FB overtook Apple’s market cap in the next 5 years.


Sure. You are on.


I bet one dim sum lunch that the combined Tsla-Apple reached a 4 trillion market cap in 5 years… :rofl:


Your bet is so batshit crazy I am willing to take the other side for 10 dim sum lunches.


Where did you read this? Can’t find any hype in Apple Investor News, many iPhone X production cuts and batterygate articles though.


Yay!!! 10 free dim sum lunches booked 5 years from now… :rofl:


People have been talking about Apple’s super cycle since May 2017.


No recent articles on this super cycle. Based on recent articles on lackluster sale of iPhone X, people no longer thinks so. Don’t anchor on past news :wink:


No, people haven’t forgotten about the super cycle. Here is WSJ just talking about it 2 days ago.


Article is 4 days ago.

Apple’s Not-Quite Trillion-Dollar iPhone
The iPhone maker’s stock price has soared but is unlikely to repeat the performance

This year’s run has been driven largely by the anticipation of a new crop of iPhones expected by Wall Street to unleash a “supercycle” of sales growth.

Apple’s stock price has stumbled over the last two days, as recent data suggest sales of the new iPhone models may not be as strong as expected.

As late Christmas wishes go, this one seems likely to go unfulfilled.

Seem like WSJ doesn’t expect much.


Let’s settle on article being from 3 days ago.

I am not aware of any analysts downgrading Apple based on the Taiwan rumor. Vast majority rated Apple as either buy or strong buy. Expectation seems pretty high to me.


Oh really… then maybe it’s time to sell… :laughing:


Again, you started enjoying :rofl:


Snapshot of analysts’ recommendations are worthless. Need the trend. Also, most analysts’ public comments are after the fact, when prices are going up, they say buy, strong buy; when prices are dropping, they start to downgrade. Long ago when Apple is a small cap, downgrades and upgrades affect the share price significantly, nowadays hardly move the price. No longer :grinning: follow analysts’ upgrades and downgrades.

AI in 2018: Apple is acquiring knowledge, but results may take a while

Apple’s main business is still making iPhones, where AI remains a small component.

That’s not to say the company doesn’t have big plans in store. The Apple of the not-too-distant future may be able to diagnose a litany of complex health problems before you even know to get tested for them. Its software could help self-driving cars avoid hitting pedestrians even in a blizzard. Augmented-reality glasses, for which Apple recently received a patent, could identify people it’s never seen before by reviewing your contacts and Facebook profile.

For now, though, Apple must walk a fine line, integrating cutting-edge new features into its products without alienating users wary of drastic changes to Apple applications to which they have become accustomed. The company is known for waiting for technology to reach a certain threshold before adopting it in full and pushing it to the masses, and Apple will likely take a similar approach with AI.



Some data to chew on regarding Batterygate or Battery Throttlegate…

Me, I just might buy that $29 replacement battery and keep using the 6+ until it dies…


Someone posted this in reddit, sharing fro discussion.


Westerners only know about Samsung and Apple. They don’t know the other 3 in the top 5: Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi. They are all Chinese companies. There is even one Chinese smartphone from Meitu whose main differentiation is that they make women’s selfies look beautiful.

There is less and less differentiation between iPhone and the rest. X is great but many people may just want to pay 200 bucks for a Huawei that’s 90% as nice.


Sound like what many hesitant investors said for many years. Sound like an attack on Apple way of conducting business, masquerading as a consumer.

Expectations are going down and not high as claim by manch. He himself has low expectation.