Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I bet the watch is far more profitable too :slight_smile:


For most companies, above $1B revenue products are blockbuster hits.
WS holds Apple at a higher standard, at least $10B revenue, so Apple is a product company by that definition.


Surprising…who wears watches these days??? Even my Rolex is gathering dust…


Revenue from “Other Products” was $2.87 billion during the second quarter of 2017 according to Apple’s recently released earnings report, up from $2.19 in the year-ago quarter. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple Watch sales have nearly doubled year-over-year.

Double again and watch will be a 10B business. Not that many people wear one yet so runway is still very long. Another seldom mentioned hit is the AirPods wireless headset. Wait time is still 6 weeks. Apple can’t make them fast enough. Customer sat is even higher than iPhones north of 90%.


God, you will have a better chance of finding me wearing one of those Fit monitor thingy than a regular watch. Come on, a watch??? How passe…


World is passing you by. Don’t be like steve balmer laughing at iPhone

Immediately, three bloggers reply. You’re are passe :joy:


I do. In fact I rotate between different watches throughout the week (1 fitness and the rest regular).


9/10 ppl in my office now… it is back in.


It may be back in style FOR NOW…but who is to say it will last? Tell you what, contact me in oh 10 years and let me know if the Apple Watch is still going strong or not. I’ll spring for chicken wings, since we KNOW that will be around in 10 years…:slight_smile:


Have to presume you didn’t read much about wearables and the future of what is meant by being a human. Is not about whether Apple watch would be around or not in 10 years, it is about the beginning of a new era. Do you know what is a cyborg? Apple watch is much more powerful than a watch yet it is called a watch, why? What product would likely replace Apple Watch?


I love my Apple watch. and BTW, the Airpods wait time now is 2 month. I ordered my on Mar. Still waiting for shipment. Was told will arrive around mid June.


Gosh. They must be super good!


I find it hard to believe that folks prefer having cellphones AND also a wearable computer. Ok, fine, one or the other…not both!!!


Current Apple watch needs the iPhone to access the web.
Some time in the future, no need cell phone, only wearables.
Today is not the day yet.
Even further into the future, no more wearables, embeddable would be the norm.
Even further further into the future… not sure when… cyborg, humans in current form would be ‘extinct’.
Is not science fiction, is a direction we are going, we may not be alive to see it happen.
My drift is you’re looking too far into the future, of course, not that far, just an arbitrary future in between now and infinite future. Appropriate is the operating word.


Hence, my point, why do I need the Watch in the first place??? My phone does it all (for now) no??? Let’s not talk too far ahead in the future (esp with this Prez of ours). We all may not live long enough to see the day…


some examples,

when driving, my iPhone is in my pocket and an alarm triggers, I can switch off the alarm using the watch.
i can use Apple pay with the Apple watch without taking out the iPhone… feel cool.
I can call my wife using Apple watch without taking out the iPhone… feel cool.
I can do a quick check of share price, weather, appointments… using the apple watch without taking out the iPhone.
I can communicate with others using special features of the apple watch that iPhone doesn’t have.
In a restaurant, I don’t need to take out the iPhone and put on the table and use the timer to cook my Gyu-kaku beefs.
auto-login to the Mac


Who drives with phone in pocket??? :thinking:

In China that’s actually the iPhone’s main function. To tell people you are rich enough to afford one.


To feel cool, you should carry and charge 2 devices everyday.
Unless Apple watch can send/receive calls and access internet without iPhone nearby, it is not very attractive to me.
This is actually the very first Apple product we haven’t bought.
We have iMac, Mac book pro, iphones(almost all generations), ipad (for each size), old iPods etc.
Somehow, Apple watch doesn’t appeal to me.


Sound like your car doesn’t have built-in GPS :smile:


No, it doesn’t. But don’t you want to listen to music or podcast while driving?

I am looking for a reason to buy. Still not into wearing watches… But I may eventually get one for the health benefits. Tim Cook said he lost 30 pounds with his watch. Now I can’t imagine where that 30 lb came from. But if a gym rat like Cook could lose 30 seems like I may be able to lose more than a few. :smile: