Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


You also don’t have Newton :sweat_smile:, iMac bondi blue :wink:, Mac LC, Apple II, etc


Sound like your car’s entertainment system doesn’t integrate with your iPhone/ iPod :smile:


Are you hinting I need to buy a new car? :slight_smile:

I swear the next car I buy it better drives itself. So I am stuck with mine for at least another 5 years.


No. :slight_smile:


Ok, when I am driving I try really hard to concentrate on just that. Honestly, there have been too many near collisions with idiot drivers running stop signs or what have you. I have a GPS and blue tooth enabled deck in SUV already to semi distract me and I am uncomfortable with that already.

I just feel there is a lot of redundancy with having the Watch and already a fairly big Iphone to lug around. Last night while watching the Warriors I saw that commercial for the Samsung 8 or whatever that was. The capabilities on that baby blew me away. Now, if the Iphone 8 is similar or better, that is all I really need and want (I think). I get it, there are a lot of goodies coming our way but I really try to de-activate and enjoy the simpler things in life. I’ll not use the cellphone on the way home from work and take in the sights even on the bus. I prefer to talk to people, even strangers.


Do you use your built-in GPS?
I have MDX-2016 and I just hate GPS user IF.
The only reason I chose built-in GPS option is to get safety package which includes very useful alarms.
I am pretty happy with MDX except its GPS user IF.
Do other cars have better GPS user IF (as good as apple/google map)?


Can’t drive without.


Life is full of redundancy. One device can be good at certain features at certain situation while the other device would be better at other times.


A completely autonomous car won’t arrive in 5 years for sure, more like 15 (My guess)

How many miles on your current car? :slight_smile:


Yes Acura GPS User Interface can be much better, especially if compared to the stand alone ones.

However if you hit the [NAV] button sequentially again and again when on the Navigation view you can get different Views of the map, which improves navigation.


I am starting to hit that phase in my life where I am simplifying and downsizing. I learned it from one of my favorite all time tenants who went from a full blown big house (granted a divorcee, no kids) to residing in one of my studio apartments. An awesome lady who is extremely bright (retired librarian) and active. We tend to be seduced too much by electronic nick nacks that take us away from enjoying the world around us. Must I again mention how everyone is buried into their cellphones instead of having stimulating person to person conversations??? Unless it makes a killer meatloaf, I don’t need another gizmo…


Not sure why yours is taking so long. I got mine within 3 weeks of ordering.


180k. It’s a Honda so I expect to last forever.


:thumbsup: That’s amazing.


I ordered from B&H, which I used to order all my photography and audio equipments.

No tax since they are NYC based store. :slight_smile:


Geez, that’s impressive considering my 1991 CRX Si is just over that (orig engine)…

That’s why you don’t own real estate all over the place…


I got mine from Best Buy when it had the $25 off for Visa Checkout :slight_smile:


Tell the wife that. She’s good at certain features but another woman would be better at other times.


Good one, but I know better… let’s not wake up the sleeping dragongirl


True but unfortunately current law forbids harem.