Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


AAPL market cap is at $924B right now. Another 8%, it would be the first(?) trillion dollar company!


Despite the hype, Apple would not be the first publicly traded company to reach a trillion dollars in market value. That distinction belongs to oil and gas producer PetroChina, which briefly topped $1 trillion on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2007.


Americans and the west will conveniently forget that. I hope Apple will cross 1T soon. It will open doors for all other companies to go higher.


What was the bet? First to hit $1T? Can’t help myself. Excited to eat free dim sum.


You think I am that stupid? :roll_eyes:

Overtake in market cap by 2022. You want out now?


AAPL earnings by feb 01 AMC. IMO, it will cross 1T after results ! Waiting for results .



If what Forbes, a well known anti-Apple and FUD spreading site, is correct, then releasing 3 models (8, 8+, X) at the same time is the right strategy. Releasing only X would have been a disaster. Hmm…

AAPL drops $1.58 upon this news, about 0.89% drop is what this news or FUD is worth.


Hard to say, we can’t go back and go with the strategy that did work for Apple up to now, which is to never ever dilute your drug…


Caught you again not reading the article. Notice you don’t read carefully, jump into conclusion too quickly, as one blogger pointed out “stick to one opinion” regardless of subsequent info coming in, and show intolerance towards those who hold different opinion from yourself.

Furthermore Kuo believes Apple will enjoy a better end to 2018 with 10% growth as the outgoing iPhone X will be replaced by a total of three new iPhone X-inspired designs: a second generation 5.8-inch iPhone X, 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and a “$650-750” 6.1-inch iPhone SE replacement which will be fitted with Face ID.

Meanwhile I’d argue it’s a smart move cancelling the iPhone X because its design will remain a flagship option (the 6.1-inch model is priced like the iPhone 8) rather than being discounted at one year old. Consequently the 2017 iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will then take the role of cheaper understudies bringing simplification to a range which has become increasingly convoluted in recent years.

From the article, we can deduce that iPhone X wasn’t discontinued. Instead of the usual drop the price of previous year’s model when introducing new model, it just drop the last year model of iPhone X because iPhone 8/8+ is there.


No, I have read enough to know that it was the wrong move in my opinion…


The linked article shows you don’t understand how WS works. Go to learn that first.
It has been known by many that quality of journalism has been declining, and analysts’ published opinions are designed to achieve certain psychological effect rather than report honest view. Btw, analysts have for public, for special clients only, “phone call view” and always wrote positive and negative articles at the same time, and depends on situation/ direction from boss would push out the articles accordingly.


Look, my comments are my comments. First of all, I am a user of the Iphone, but I typically do not like ANY company that dilutes its product. Screams of desperation to me. To me, all of those issues with quality control and material shortages could have been avoided had they planned out a single release model that was priced accordingly. You can throw all the data you want at me, but I won’t change how I view things for myself. If you are comfortable and making tons of money off Apple then why do you care what I post?





After I explain to you that your view about releasing only iPhone X is not prudent, you posted negative news incessantly… evidence is you claim you don’t follow stocks that closely and after the explanation, you’ve mostly post about negative news on Apple. Also, you love to put words in others’ mouth, throw red herrings and make unfounded connections (whether I make money or not is not connected to why I care or don’t care about what you post), the issue is about your insistence that Apple should release X only even though it is explained to you that would not be prudent. If X is not received well or there is some manufacturing issues, Apple has no new iPhone to sell. Apple has to release iPhone 8 which now if Forbes is correct, Apple has done the right thing.


This whole battery situation also frankly stinks of a company not completely on the up and up. You are an investor so you are bias. I am not an investor, so I am just voicing my opinion as a consumer.


This is called red herrings. We are talking about iPhone X, 8, 8+ release.
“You are an investor so you are bias” is an unfounded assertion. What did I said about battery issue that show that I’m biased? Why is it that you’re a consumer and not an investor that your opinion is implicitly not biased?


Here, what do you make of this? Is it a conspiracy in which I contact every business reporter/journalist out there to fabricate stories (mostly negative, but perhaps a few positive ones to throw someone snooping off our tracks)???


Gee, Tim, but won’t this possibly mean less sales for you???


Today is my last day being an Apple shareholder. I have sold all but my last batch of shares. I will sell the rest tomorrow.

Still love Apple products. Apple stock? Not so much.