Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


:slight_smile: Alright haven’t read the whole thread… but what happened?


Apple is a fine company. Not doomed at all. I just think my capital can grow faster elsewhere. That’s all. iPhones are reaching saturation. The latest downgrades came because the Chinese are just not upgrading phones as fast as before. Apple is already pretty shielded. You should see the component suppliers’ share performance in Asia. It was brutal.


Actually I read an analysis saying Apple’s announced investment won’t dent their foreign cash pile much at all. Most are just ordinary expenses not new investment. So Apple can still surprise us with some huge acquisitions.

But Netflix is pulling away as we speak. Share spiking up 7% and now has 100B market cap. Apple can still buy it of course. But it’s getting expensive.


Phones or iPhones? If phones, what is the hot gadget now?

Would Reed Hastings stay if Apple buys NFLX? Would he be willing to report to Eddie Cue?


I made a mistake of selling all of my NFLX at $190. Had to buy some back at over $200. Only Uncle Sam benefited from my mistake.


The news report I saw are just phones in general. You can tell iPhone X is not selling as well as predicted just by counting how many Animoji clips you saw. I think I saw one or two after sale started but nothing much since.

Don’t know what’s the next hot gadget. But there is a lot of motion around smart speakers in china. Many internet companies have announced they are working on one.


What has Eddie cue done lately? Where the heck is the TV bundle?


Still owning NFLX… my purchase price was $67… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think this is too early to get out as AAPL dividends and buybacks will be better soon.

Any negative reviews, and there by drops in AAPL price is an opportunity I feel. In fact, I want AAPL to drop more before results so that I can buy more (50%) of what I hold now.

BTW: I just blindly believe Buffet decisions!


Yes, why sell a cash cow… Laughing all the way to the bank everytime… :rofl:


Apple is no longer leading in terms of new product ideas. That’s the problem of having a supply chain guy as CEO.


Apple wasn’t leading when Steve Jobs ran it. There were multiple personal computers before the Apple. There were multiple MP3 players before iPod. There were touch screen phones and PDA’s before iPhone. Often times the first are there before the technology is good and cheap enough to be mainstream. It’s better to release a product at the right point of the cost and adoption curve.


But iphone was not a PDA with the 1st one with soft keyboards and full internet browser


I already added AAPL yesterday and freeing up money further to buy tomorrow!


Jim Cramer says WS might want to force it down to $160s.


Didn’t Palm or Handspring have a phone with no physical keyboard? I know they had a PDA with no physical keyboard. That debuted in 1996 which is more than 10 years before iPhone. They offered modem add-ons for it which made it a phone. They went with the stylus and writing recognition vs. soft keyboard. Most people were highly critical of the soft keyboard. Plenty of execs made what are now food-in-mouth worthy comments about it.

It’s laughable. The Palm Pilot had a 16MHz processor and 512KB of RAM. It was capable of a whopping 2.7 MIPS. The A11 neural engine can do 600 BIPS.


Geez, I didn’t think the commercial was that bad…


Wow, so that commercial is the biggest issue in some people’s life?


IMO, Jim Cramer is Clown of Analysts ! What we had was major sale event (until dec 31st), Corp tax reduction, large cash abroad likely repatriation at low rate. The impacts are not seen yet. I am expecting generous buyback, dividends to share holders along with some repatriation of funds for growth. Added another limit buy order for $170.5 again. No wait further.

I was expecting a dip for AAPL already, that is !!


HomePod is here

There’s little question here that the HomePod is a speaker first, smart second, bucking the trend of the earliest Echo and Google Home devices.

Inlined with Apple’s declaration that their hearts are in music.

Apple’s clearly offering a unified end to end experience for its first Siri-focused product, eschewing some broader functionality for the sake of a streamlined, unified experience.

The usual cautious approach.

When it comes to speaker quality and privacy, HomePod has no competition.

The Echo’s soundscape sounds more like a 90s car radio than a true room speaker, and it struggles mightily when being asked to fill a large open room as the center of attention, rather than background music.

The Google Home Max is an embarrassment of a speaker for its cost: In isolation, the Max sounds decent enough, but when put in a ring against the cheaper Sonos One and HomePod, it’s obvious just how much compression it puts on vocal and mid-tone tracks in the interest of big, booming sound.

On the HomePod, every part of a choral harmony sounds just as clear as the lead vocalist — no easy feet for a single 6.8-inch speaker. Harmonies do sound beautiful on the Sonos One, but blend more into a single musical phrase; you can’t isolate the singers in your mind as well as you can through the HomePod.