Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


New ATH :laughing:



Weird… the chart seems to defy Trump protectionism policy.
Or I interpret the chart wrongly.

AH price didn’t reflect Trump threat.



The Trump administration has recently taken notice of the country’s dependence on foreign sources of these materials, viewing it as a national security threat.

That’s the message, use Apple to lure me to read the article. I notice USA doesn’t want to depend on other nations for any raw materials and components… I sense similar from a speech by Alan Greenspan… I seldom read news so even I take notice of this message. So I presume is USA’s wish not to depend on others, in a world that becoming more and more inter-dependent. So globalization would mean everybody trade with each other except USA?


Trump is ceding the world to Xi. Is Singapore part of one belt one road?


Look like it if they don’t want to depend on other nations for any resources that may be needed badly in case of war. Xi is creating a world that is so inter-dependent that no one want to start a war because they will suffer severely. It is the opposite strategy from US. Self sufficient for everything? Possible?



It’s not much different from the strategic oil reserve. Free trade and being dependent on others for certain things is fine until there’s a military conflict. Then free trade doesn’t exist. If you don’t have your own supply, then you go without. It’s prudent to hope for the best while being prepared for the worst.

Does anyone think we’ll never have another large scale war?


USA thinks it would one day need to go into war with China? It seems that way. No more Russia? No crusades?


I think China and the US have too much mutual interest at this point. As long as there have been humans there’s been conflict though. This is actually a pretty long period of relative peace.


Actually I am hoping for no more military conflicts so we can focus on improving quality of life and space exploration :grinning:


I don’t think we can avoid the Thucydides trap. China is increasingly powerful and increasingly authoritarian. That’s key. If USA and China share similar ideologies we can avoid conflict, like Britain and USA in last century. But USA and China are polar opposites.

I wrote this in another thread. Xi had to convince the power brokers in the communist party to let him rule forever. What were Xi’s arguments? I suspect a more hostile west may be one of them.


I agree. No one wants conflict. However, it is always a possibility, so it’s prudent to be prepared. Being unprepared would be disastrous.


Did you happen to read this article?


No. Didn’t read the FP article. Will read it later.

I posted this old article from the Atlantic last year.

Chance of US and China being trapped has significantly increased in the last 12 months. Maybe the current bull market will end with WW3 15 or 20 years from now?

Hope we Chinese in America won’t be interned like the Japanese in WW2 :cry:


Why would China want war then they are already financially destroying the US? It seems pointless to have lots of people die when you can win without firing a shot. China can sit back and watch as Americans spend themselves into oblivion. Chinese investors are already buying lots of property in the US. Do you think they want to see all that property destroyed by war? China wants the US as consumers. Who wants to destroy their customers?

I don’t think people realize Americans didn’t win the revolutionary war with military might. The Americans lost a vast majority of the battles fought. What won the war was England’s realization that it wasn’t financially worth it to continue fighting the war.


I am actually not that concerned. The goal should be to run the clock out. China is aging rapidly and irreversibly. If we can avoid conflict for another 20 years, China will become extremely inward looking to take care of their greying population


China is still a developing country. It’s becoming stronger, but it’s nowhere to wage a war against US. If USA doesn’t start a war, no war between US and China.

As far as recent history can show, China never starts a war against major power, definitely not against US. I think US is not even an enemy for China, definitely not in the top 10 worst enemies for China. Competitor is not the same as an enemy.

War seems to be very unlikely. I don’t think we need to worry about a war that doesn’t benefit USA for 50 years. China is not Iraq, I don’t think US wants to send troops to China.


Trump is not particular about China alone, but all countries including G8/G20s. US is getting financially destroyed as jobs went overseas.

This is what Trump understands and trying to change, which was missed (or not done) by Obama !

The tax & Tariff gimmick he is doing will revert back (as companies are greedy to get profit) the financial flow, Investments and jobs to USA.


Inside Apple’s Secret Plan to Develop and Build its Own Screens


Worst enemy of America: america itself.

Worst enemy of China: China itself.