Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


US will probably try to compete against china without war - it’s too risky. US likes to go into war in politically unstable territories, and in countries that have relatively small population. China is huge. Even if US wins, china would rise even stronger. China is already transforming from a “manufacturing heaven” to “innovation hub”, and doesn’t need to wage war against any other country.

Every country has its golden years that eventually pass. Will happen for US too, but capitalism might delay that for some time.


What if china attacks Taiwan? Will US just stands by?


Most likely, you think otherwise?


Of course. Look at Russia and Crimea.


I don’t know. WW1 started by some random duke being assassintaed in Bosnia. History has too many coin tosses that went badly.

As a new power rises, the old power must make room or else. Looks like Trump is choosing “the else”.


That’s obama’s Biggest FP mistake. Should have sent in marines.


Nuclear powers are immune from attack. That is why the little tinpot dictators like in Korea and Iran want their nukes


You know, that’s only the reason on the surface, not the actual reason underneath. I think now US and the likes know to not be super trigger happy.


Ish. What happens if everyone has nuclear power, eventually? Wars will cease to exist? Unlikely.


Guarantee won’t happen.


Apple: Why The Stock Remains Cheap Despite Approaching A Trillion Dollar Valuation

Apple is a bottom drawer stock :smiley:


Apple’s Education Event Mar 27

Apple surprised everyone when it announced an education-focused event about “creative new ideas for teachers and students” in Chicago on March 27th at 10AM CT / 11AM ET.


MBP with 32GB ram?



Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Part 3 covers their work on Predictive and Foveated Displays and Systems

Apple’s latest headset inventions that came to light this week illustrated how Apple is taking their AR/VR headset project to new mind boggling heights that includes working with documents in a 3D environment using a mobile desktop replacement headset system. Patent Apple posted two key reports on their project to date (one and two) and today’s third part covers methods and systems that support the headset’s advanced predictive and foveated display.


Apple is working on a ‘foldable’ iPhone for release in 2020, says Bank of America

“Our checks also suggest that Apple is working with suppliers on a foldable phone (that potentially could double up as a tablet) for launch in 2020,” the firm says.


MORGAN STANLEY: Apple’s era as an iPhone company is over — but there’s another business that’ll take its place (AAPL)

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on the company’s first-quarter earnings call this month that the IPhone X did not sell well. The stock, in turn, suffered slight losses.

Morgan Stanley forecasts services revenue growth will contribute more than 50% of Apple’s total revenue growth over the next five years. The iPhone, which has contributed 86% of Apple’s revenue growth over the past five years, will make up 22% of revenue growth in the next five.

Huberty estimated that roughly 60% of revenue growth is now attributable to services. That, coupled with wearables, like the Apple Smart Watch, “will drive almost all of Apple’s growth over the next five years,” she added.

Here are some of the services that Morgan Stanley believes are still not fully monetized.
Apple Music has grown considerably, and yet only 2.9% of Apple users have it, currently.
iCloud subscribers are growing, and Apple is launching two new data centers in China.
Apple Pay is in 50% of US retail locations, and usage is still low.


Apple poised to jump into video, with over 50 percent of U.S. now subscribed to streaming services

Apple’s Eddy Cue talked about Apple 's still relatively amorphous content plans at the South by Southwest festival last month. Cue stated that Apple is “all in” on content, although he stated that, contrary to Netflix, “we’re not after quantity, we’re after quality.”


Trying to convince yourself Apple will still be the king in 2023? :wink:


Apple Patent Points to Face ID coming to Apple Watch along with Band Sensors to Analyze Sports Performance and more