Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Apple Inc. Stock Is Headed Back to All-Time Highs

Apple stock price action has steadily trended higher despite lowered iPhone shipments and less-than-spectacular product launches.
That’s because even a “failed” product launch at Apple (like the HomePod) still brings in loads of cash for the company.


Apple doubles down on book creation with iPad app

new iPad Author tools it looks like creators - and educators - will be able to create and distribute their own iPad-based texts.
The app, which is part of Pages and is called Digital Books in new iOS parlance, allows users to create multimedia books just as they would create regular documents. The app also supports group editing and multiple templates allow you to flow images and text into the app seamlessly.



China busts smugglers using drones to transport smartphones: state media

Customs officers in southern China’s technology hub Shenzhen busted a group of criminals using drones to smuggle 500 million yuan ($79.8 million) worth of smartphones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, the official Legal Daily reported on Friday.


I read about it this morning. Impressive.


Foxconn profits ride high on iPhone X, dispelling worries about Apple’s sales

Cook said that the iPhone X was the company’s best-selling iPhone since the early November launch, all the way up to the day of the last quarterly earnings report on Feb. 1.
Apple assembly partner Hon Hai —better known as Foxconn —has posted net income of $2.5 billion for the December quarter, reportedly linked to strong orders and consequent sales of the iPhone X.

Do you want to believe a CEO who is running a near trillion dollar company and the actual result of a mega cap MNC or liberal art journalists?


Hey, hey, hey, who majored in Marketing???


Finally a good reason to wear Apple watch!


Now you’re getting it :grin: Guess you’re able to figure out how Apple Watch fit into the “autonomous vehicle” vision.


This has been discussed here as a possibility.


In this case, Bloomberg reported, Apple would replace Intel processors in Macs as part of a multi-step transition beginning in 2020.

Rumors that Apple would build iOS MBP was at least 3 years ago. Look like have to wait many more years to see that.


Apple’s wins a Project Titan Patent that’s focused on designing a Safe Vehicle using an Energy Absorbing Assembly

Energy absorbing is what we want in case of crashes.


Apple is pursuing a late follower strategy for AV :+1: Slowly but surely.


Apple needs all the help it can get with Siri. It’s a POS…


At Google, Giannandrea, a senior vice president, was involved in the push to integrate artificial intelligence throughout Google products, including internet search, Gmail, and Google Assistant.

Guess integration of AI & ML into all Apple products is going too slowly

“John shares our commitment to privacy and our thoughtful approach as we make computers even smarter and more personal,” he said. "Our technology must be infused with the values we all hold dear.”

Hope Tim Cook is right about John.


Clearly, tomato may end up in Apple. With the rise of privacy issues, talented techies might want to dis-associate with GOOG and FB, and run to Apple. This potential brain drain is a big risk for GOOG and FB. You may want to hedge by buying lots of AAPLs.


@tomato what’s the deal with John G?


I did not hear good things about apple’s work environment.


You are expecting those sex rooms? Of course, no.


No not that. Friendliness, a bit more openness, etc.

I am not a super sociable person, but “openness” part is important to me.


Privacy is overrated. I don’t like Cook’s overly moralistic stand on it. As long as he insisted on the privacy over everything else Apple’s AI will never be great.