Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Sure, embracing bias feels real good…:unamused:


Hey @harriet, since you run sooo much, can you recommend a really good running shoe (make/model) for me? Strictly treadmill running and I slightly overpronate but I think I have plantar fasciitis so I want something pretty cushy to help with that when I can run. I am using that boot thingy at home that stretches the foot muscles and it seems to help. I am thinking I need to go to New Balance or Brooks from Asics but I want to do some research first. Thanks!


I recommend Brooks Glycerin (here’s men’s version) - it’s cushy and not too heavy, but it is on the pricier side so I usually wait until the end of the model year for discounts. If you want something even more lightweight go with the Launch model, but it has less cushion so I don’t think that’s what you want. They have a shoe finder test to see what model fits you the most (best to try them out in store but this is a start).


Very impressed, you know thyself :+1:


I would recommend Brooks Glycerin as well. Seen multiple friends swear by them. Try them out at a Nordstrom Rack near you.


What’s the shoe recommendation for everyday walking?


From what is Apple doing, to Apple bashing, to talking about shoes?

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I would recommend Brooks Ghost and Brooks Glycerin. However, best is to try out different brands yourself and then determine. In my experience, different companies use different molds and you’ll find your feet generally take well to shoes from one company compared to another. E.g., although Nike makes pretty good shoes, for whatever reason, their shoes always feel narrow to me. I liked Brooks fit. You may like ASICS fit. To each his/her own.


All threads on this form eventually devolve into a discussion about chinese food, ULIP insurance policies or both so there’s still some way to go!


I was gonna say…Yoda should be glad that we aren’t talking about Chinese food but shoes instead…

Glycerin and Adrenaline GTS are good. Nike is okay for me but they aren’t very durable for running which is why I switched over to Brooks. Most people don’t like Nike because they have a slightly narrower toe box compared to other brands.


So it’s not just me. If this is indeed the case (I used to think it’s just me), why the hell has a company as big as Nike not modified their toe box for ‘wider’ appeal?


No idea why they don’t seem to place emphasis on their running line anymore. They even canceled the annual signature race (Nike women’s half marathon) in SF two years ago…


I got runner’s knees(both knees) for running merely 30miles/week, before I had to totally give up running. I blamed it on the Nike shoes I favored then. :rofl:


Dang, maybe it’s time I throw up a “Everything About Running” thread…


Couple years back those gorilla shoes were all the rage. You know, those “shoes” that are more like rubber socks than shoes? Nobody wears them no more?


You mean Vibram shoes? My friend likes them, I don’t.


You don’t mean these, when we were in high school right? Famolares. Yes, for men…



Yeah vibram. Haven’t seen them in the wild for a while.


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Vibram is just a fad. Imagine walking barefoot. How comfortable is that?