Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I know. Prices up 30% since i started :slight_smile:


You miss a previous discussion. If you can only sell AMZN stocks for downpayment, would you buy or not? Your decision might be different then (2014, tomato, right?), now (2018) and few years later (say 2020) :slight_smile:

I think I have to search for the chart that I have posted here previously :slight_smile:


Does that account for mortgage levers?



There is plenty of bidders, cash rich, ready to buy any move-in home. It is too hard to compete with multiple bidders. They get more than 20 offers for any home. First timers without full or high cash down, may not be able to compete at this market unless they have enormous money power to beat others.

I have not faced this kind of craziness even during peak 2007-2008 period.


For a primary, buy once you can afford it. It’s a different discussion for investment property.


What is meant by can afford?
Let’s say 20% downpayment, and I have to sell AMZN stocks. What does that mean?
Count only those vested RSUs & ESPPs?
Only vested RSUs or only ESPPs?
A certain magical % of vested RSUs?


I think once you have 20% down (vested) and can afford the payment. I sold Apple at $365 to buy.


Since I don’t have other details, I would illustrate with a simplistic computation,
Assume the 20% downpayment = $x
Before tax, is $2x
At today’s closing price, $2x then would be worth 2x * 168 * 7 / 365 = $6.4x today
Hence, house price has to appreciate at least (6.4x / x ) / 5 = 129% to be better than holding in AAPL.
Has your house price appreciated 129% :grin: ?


You’re ignoring leverage on the home, but it’s up over 100%. Also, rents went up quite a bit. Without buying, I’d had to pay higher and higher rent (~30%). Plus, I got the tax deductions from owning.

Also, you pay taxes on the RSUs and options when they vest. They sell a portion for you to cover the taxes. At that point, there’s no additional taxes if you sell the rest right away. If you sell later, you only pay tax on incremental gain.


Check the equation again.

Check the equation again.

Computation is simplistic but include critical components. Btw, computation excludes dividends :slight_smile: which is equivalent to 30.7% :wink: for each dollar of AAPL then.


Why Apple Is Still the Best Stock to Own for Your Retirement

In particular, retirement investors need to be more careful when selecting single-stock holdings for their portfolio.
In this sense, AAPL is still one of the best stocks investors can buy.
The reasons why are simple: Capital return, valuation and growth.


Just to be clear.
Agree with your statement, is always true.
However, 2009 is a very special case of great recession, stocks rise way faster than house prices… has always been the case… so is a worthwhile bet to hold on buying house as long as you can during the rise. I think the time is now :slight_smile: sell stock buy RE.



Some1 post same info 19 hrs late.


Oops, my bad…can’t keep track of everything


John G will report directly to Cook. Looks like Apple is finally taking AI seriously.


Have always. More like ready to accelerate and spend big bucks.


Not always. Did you read the recent Information article on Siri? Leadership has been absent and it shows.


Also these senior guys are just playing musical chairs. Recently an AI guy left amazon and joined google. Now a google guy joined Apple.

There’s a great shortage of AI people and it’s just getting started. China is also investing heavily. Young people in college or about to go to college should definitely specialize in AI.


Many colleges lost tons of AI professors to these blood sucking businesses that pay them many times that of a professor pay. So learning AI/ ML is going to be more like self-help… not enough professors :slight_smile: and AI/ ML classes are VERY HOT.

marcus335 is giggling in a corner. Is an AI guy, right?