Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I switched to the iPhone X after 13 years on Android — and I have no regrets

The main reason I switched to Android was paranoia. I’ve covered technology for a decade, and while iOS isn’t totally devoid of security issues, there’s an alarming trickle of stories about how poor Android’s security is. Some of Google’s security decisions may be justified, but the company is bad at explaining to users why, for example, it seems to be collecting their locations when GPS is switched off.


Saudi Prince meets Tim Cook at Apple Park to talk app development, education

Every nations want to expand the number of CS professionals :slight_smile:
AFAIK, US colleges are pumping out tons of CS graduates into the job market.
My Singaporean friends told me that NUS has increased intake by 25%, yes, to produce tons of CS professionals. Have to wonder whether there would be an over supply of CS professionals worldwide :slight_smile:


How many are still doing CS 10 years after graduation? I imagine the burnout rate is pretty high.


I am not familiar with those involved in R&D. I know many who are in their 50s are still in IT profession.


Full audio: Our extended, uncut interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook from Recode.

The uncut interview — in this special episode of Swisher’s Recode Decode podcast — includes new material that didn’t air on TV, such as more on Apple’s education efforts, manufacturing, immigration and Cook’s advice to his younger self.


Apple just made a key hire that could unravel the mystery of its content strategy

Oliver Schusser will be the new vice president of Apple Music and international content. He’ll split his time between Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and Culver City, California, where many TV shows and movies are filmed, according to Variety, which earlier reported details of Schusser’s appointment. Variety also reports that Schusser was key in Apple’s acquisition of Shazam, which uses algorithms to identify music.

Finally a little more clarity on content strategy.


What part of no you don’t understand Cook!!!


Tech news from Pakistan? Founded in 2014?

The scale at which Apple buys OLED displays gives it the bargaining power to demand better prices from Samsung but keeping in view how clever those Koreans are Apple may finally have to beg for a price cut.

IQ of UCLA alumni is very low. Author is conjecturing just like a certain UCLA business major.


@sfdragonboy is scouting around the world for negative news on apple. :smile:


Is ok if he had read it first and did some critical thinking rather than mindlessly posting them. Now, he behaves like a headless chicken running around.


Speaking of Samsung, they are not doing too well lately.

It’s funny that Samsung is going to punish the employees who sold the stocks given. No mention of the guy who made the fat finger mistake in the first place.


Sound more like Samsung is begging Apple not to hard bargain too low a price :rofl:


I didn’t write the article…:grin:

Shoot, I didn’t post this pathetic move by almighty Apple did I??? (until you made me…)



Now you understand why WB loves AAPL so much :slight_smile: No founders giving themselves $B of RSUs and no super dilutive compensation.


Does Bloomberg really not understand employee vs founder equity compensation?




marcus, you need to control your junior.


Working for Apple is no fun. #SiriSucks


Are you a business major from UCLA?