Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Seriously? Soft rice is not enough and now you want quinoa?? Screamer-in-chief gave you a place to hang out during the day while you wait to be fed, and now you want another meal? Jesus Christ!


Look like Harriet is disappointed that she is not invited to the meetup. I’ll pay for her meal for the meetup where Wu QiJun would be paying for manch.


Finally. Yes, be generous and let go those dollars @henera :rofl:


I’d rather you pay for @manch’s meal on my behalf since he fed me lemon. Hate to say it but I’m practically the MVP on here :cry:


Minimum viable product?


I was going to say “all hail the queen”… :rofl:


Ready to become borscht soup? :unamused:


Most Valuable Player


He not Russian… :rofl:


I know, but if I write anymore he’s going to turn into a can of V8.


V8 the javascript engine?


You should’ve said, “so then are you going to eat me up?”


The Apple test car was attempting to merge onto an expressway near its headquarters in Cupertino, California, and traveling about 1 mile per hour, when it was rear-ended by a Nissan Leaf, according to the report. There were no injuries reported. Both parties reported moderate damage to their vehicles.

I don’t want a future in which cars routinely go 1 mph. :scream:


Ok maybe I’ve underestimated apple’s ability all along :scream:


The evidence is mounting that Apple’s next big product will be a pair of computer glasses (AAPL)

Eager to see how Apple solve the UI issues. So far, Google glass, Oculus and magic leap failed to gain traction.


No car?


Apple salty wet glasses.


Deprived and starved?


I shared WB sentiments.

“I’d support whatever Tim Cook does, but I think it’d be a very poor idea to get in the auto business.”


Really? I’m pretty sure I heard he said it’d be a great move for Apple to acquire Tesla.