Holy Cow TV's Are So Darn Cheap!

The relentless price drop of big screen TV’s never ceases to amaze me. You guys tell me. 55" is big ass for TV’s, is it not? Now it sells for less than $300?? It may even cost less than a dinner at fancy Dragon Beaux? :wink:

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For comparison, Apple TV 64GB sells for $199. For $76 more you can have a 55 inch TV.

Come on, I am still researching for my 85" or 90" tv buy…I hate to admit it, some of the Chinese made ones are a compelling story…I wonder if they emit high levels of radiation back at the viewers?..not good

@Roy321, any good??? I guess Furrion is another Chinese maker. 86" of love…

Samsung better than Furrion??

Wow, you Da Man… yes, I would agree Samsung is probably waaaay better than this new(?) Chinese make. My trusty 60" Sony has not died yet…

:grinning: Come on man give yourself a gift… Tell your wife… this was a gift from your employer :slight_smile:

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Honestly, this year I have spent a lot on managing the properties. This was not a lucky year to say the least. Maybe 2018 will be the year for me, on many fronts…

Honest effort also needs encouragement/carrots

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Watch out for Fahrenheit 451 where the TV watches you

Marry me…:slight_smile:

That’s nothing. I bought that TV at Costco. When they delivered it in this huge box I was expecting it to be so heavy. Gee! I could grab it with one hand, and with the other I attached the legs they come with.


Did you say you live in SF??:open_mouth: :grin::grin:

Btw I also got an Apple TV 4k (to reward myself for nothing!!) + a new full frame DSLR(upgraded from my APSC 12 years older) this year… :arrow_right::arrow_right: So, I’m happy with my marriage :slight_smile:

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I paid $49.99 for a website “find me a lovely lady” and here it is free?:sweat_smile:

God I hate you…:grinning:

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$500 for 65”


Geez, that is cheaaap…and free shipping too!!!

You had to pull me back in!!! Noooooooo!!! (Besides, too small, need tv at least in the 80"s) I like number 8 remember???:grinning:

Time to pull the trigger when the wife is gone… Tell her you won lotto…