Holy Cow TV's Are So Darn Cheap!

Well, my Sony is still humming along and the picture is quite good. I would hate to gain size but get a weaker picture with one of the off-brands (even if cheap). The Sony has lasted longer than anticipated. Go figure, the electronic you want to die doesn’t, but the appliance in one your apartments go out prematurely…

BTW, Eldorado county wants to charge me business personal income tax on my apartments refrigerators. Tell your tenants to buy their own refrigerators…not real property…

What kind of crap legislation is that?

They call refrigerators equipment not real estate.


We bought a 3D TV few years ago and never watched a single 3D movie on it. Now the 80’’ TV at costco are about the same price . Few years ago when Marc Cuban put an 80’’ in Dallas cowboy’s stadium (it made it to news ). Tech is great that it keeps commoditizing the luxuries which were available to few.

Btw, Need recommendation for a large 80’’ TV ?

Not right now (as my tenant just moved in) but sure, always nice to plan ahead or shop ahead even though we know technology in two or three years from now will be dramatically different…

In fact, what are you suggesting in the +85" range??? 90-100" is actually doable, but let’s try to stay $5k and below. I have other toys in mind…

I need recommendation for happy balance ( money vs Value ) 80 or 85’’ TV. A Projector won’t work for me because there is 16’ Glass door right opposite the TV wall about 23’ away.

I need a good screen for this space.

Wow getting very inexpensive.

Because people don’t watch them anymore. I haven’t had a TV at home for over 4 years.

Cuz you be out buying every freakin’ home out there!!! Save a few crumbs for us!!!

Hate to be so Chinese, but I tend to stand by Sony, the one and only…

This is un-believable .

I had to pay over 2.5 or 3K for a 65” 3D tv 3-4 years ago

Now they are under $500

Does Sony still make Tvs…I thought they are all made in China or Korea

Or in Mexico at one point…

I still find the Sony picture to be unequaled. Yes, more expensive, but it is very important that Stormy Daniels appears lifelike (just in case I should ever meet her…)

Everybody watches porn.com on their cell phones…You are stuck in the 20th century…the millienials don’t watch big screen TVs…lol

There was nothing wrong with the 20th century!!!

That has nothing to do with being Chinese. Samsung has the best TVs.


No way, that is absolutely 100% incorrect, Ms. Millennial!!! Please, we guys are the experts when it comes to electronics…:wink: