Holy Cow TV's Are So Darn Cheap!


Typing your opinion in Verdana font doesn’t make you more authoritative.


Omg, I could list sooooo many reviews by experts substantiating that Sony is by far better than Samsung that our Fearless Leader would really ban me from his world.

Please, leave the tv buying to your future husband…:wink:


Hey, @Roy321, I got room in my SB home for this monster!!!

Pricing must be ridiculous…


Anyone who’s read Fahrenheit 451 appreciates the awesome possible future where the walls of our…
Yeah but the screen is looking back at you.




All I know is, Sony built those two rovers we put on Mars. They were supposed to last 90 days and they lasted for freak’in ever.
I hate shopping, buying new stuff, and I hate having to throw it away even more. I’ll stick with Sony. Heck, I still have a Walkman from the 90’s plugged into the accessory port on my car. Those Maxell and TDK tapes I made back then never wear out either.


Daaaaamn, old school!!! Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much that my Sony 60" tv just keeps plugging away. That picture is still decent after all these years…


Not cheap but 8K!!! (Ultra lucky!!!)



Looked cheap. amazon prices are in 1000 range for refurb.


What was the topic again? Cheap TVs or cheap buyers. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m looking at new 82” Samsung and that’s only 3200 at Costco .
I’lm telling BestBuy to beat Costco’s price and they are willing
That’s pretty amazing


Why not buy at Costco?


I think, Samsung is the winner. :wink:


I just get a better price at Magnolia .


What, Video Only couldn’t live up to their radio ads???



(What do you mean you want to take down a load bearing wall so that you can accommodate a tv?)


That’s an over kill…98"?

Maybe for a bar?

Add the señoritas. :wink:


Forget that one…THIS is the game changer!!!


Still watching TV?


Come on, who isn’t watching tv still? Tonight was the College Football Championship game at Levi Stadium no less. Watched a butt kicking by Clemson over Alabama in the comforts of my lounge sofa…

I have always said this about TVs: tvs give so much entertainment bang for the buck over the years that it is worth buying an incredible tv set that is the biggest one that will fit your space.