Holy Cow TV's Are So Darn Cheap!


Have 3 TVs, hardly watch. Donated 2, now left with 1.


You are busy always studying charts…



Wait a couple of years for the price to drop. Then you can put one on every wall in your house. Just like in this1953 doomsday book. I was born in a very dark time. It is amazing my whole lifetime has been been dominated by dystopian fear created by the Bomb.
It is sad how prophetic this book has been. The alienation, drug use, books disappearing, bigger TVs… all happened


No…not that…BIG tvs??? OMG, the horror…

Geez, did your mom ever say don’t watch or sit so close to the tv? That was, what, a 27" console maybe? Mom is not going to be happy with a 98" er…


My first TV I purchased was a 17” Sony for $420 in 1976. Now you can get a 55” for that price in 10x inflated dollars. That 98” TV is $15k now. In 5 years $5k?


I fear that 98" is even more unfortunately. The pricing on tv screens is def not linear… With so many big models coming out, I hope the competition drives down the pricing way sooner so that I will be ready when I move to the big house.


My wife thinks our 55” is too big at a 10’ viewing distance. How big a room do you need for 98”…20’ viewing distance?

Go big or go home


No, as tvs have gotten bigger in general viewing distances have shrunk some. Some folks like to be immersed by screen. With my current 60" Sony, I am what maybe 10 ft away, but could really go in to say 7-8 ft.

This is for a 4k tv, recommended by Sony:


Viewing distance for 55" is 3 feet? Thats awefully close… So a 42" would be 2’ and 32" would be 1’? :rofl:
This is probably a marketing table.


Just implant a TV in your brain. Zero distance.


From Crutchfield… slightly better


Higher the res, the closer you should be…



Looks like your previous table matched the bottom of the UHD/4k wirth it line. With 8k, it will be the white portion of the graph. So all 8k TV’s should be viewed at 2’ to make it worth it!


The lower the resolution, the further you need to be for the picture to be smooth and doesn’t appear jagged.


Do people love watching a movie sitting in the first row of a movie theater?


Well, yes, for scenes like this. If only 4k were available back then…

(again, no hate postings please, long day…)



perver…I mean, nice picture. :laughing:


Me? No!
In case any crazy yells fire! :laughing:


Who goes to move theaters?