Home Depot Vs Lowe's Financial Analysis

Interesting lil financial analysis story on the stores some of us probably visit more than we want to…



Does anyone buy discounted Home Depot “gift cards” (really store credits)? I bought a few thousand for some home projects at 10% off and it worked out fine. However they are technically non transferable and also there’s a chance for fraud (someone drains the card if you hold it too long)

Last year, I purchased at a discount of 8% from internet. When you go in person, Home Depot persons may declined to accept it even though it used to be genuine card. It is the way it is, whatever you argue, they won’t accept. When you buy at internet, genuine cards are accepted and you can pick up in stores.

Yes, Last year I have got few thousands those cards and used it. Nowadays I stopped as the volume is not there.

I faced fraudulent cards for Lowes, but not home depot. Whatever fraudulent cards, the site - wherever I bought - refunded me promptly.

I bought 30k worth of cards last month between lowes and hd. Initially hd physical cards that I bought had some fraudulent ones but the site refunded, since then I only bought egift cards and all of them were ok.

My savings avg about 8% but cards ran out during the Thanksgiving weekend.

I bought from raise.com , great app and customer service. Bought some gift cards waiting in line.

No problems with accepting the gift cards. I paid using a physical gift card over the phone as well.

I suppose if the cards were heavily discounted I would consider buying them too but I am leery about paying for high valued cards that may or may not work or forking over cash to strangers. Mind you, I do Craigslist all the time (where I have seen people asking for these cards) with selling cars or whatever. The fact that here we have plenty of chinese supply stores might be why I only go to HD or Lowe’s when really needed. Chu Supply in the City out in the Sunset is an excellent place for Milgard window ordering (Vicente location only I believe) and U-Save on Lawton is not bad for various plumbing supplies. There are several places in Oakland besides Sincere that I have used and they are pretty competitive. Sincere is not bad since they have a more nicer showroom and can probably order whatever you want. For electrical supply and lights, I have gone to BK and Universal Lighting in the City.

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I used raise. There are 15+ sites, but raise is good and reliable. They are one of the best ones giving us refund when there is a fraud. Since I bought home in Dec 2015, I heavily used them for around 10k-15k, Almost spent everything except some $86 left out now.

There are heavily discounted restaurants cards, like subway, roundtable pizza, starbucks, homedepot…etc. Many are fraudulent, but never had issues with starbucks and homedepot using raise.com

Like I said, I am in love with Raise (but recommend egift cards only, delivery is literally in seconds). I use 10% moving coupons at lowes on all purchases and Bid room at HD pro desk (discount from 5 to max 50% on lumber items)

So I get around net 20% discount on all purchases. During this remodel, It happened to be thanksgiving and its a good time to get deals on appliances etc. the Gas range I bought is up 1000 dollars now after november :slight_smile:

How did the convo switched to gift cards?
Thought we are talking about stocks! I only wished I bought HD during darker days. It kept going up while I was waiting for a pullback. I never pulled the trigger…

How do you get these? I never had any luck requesting them online

Get one of these: I usually get 5 and keep with me. emailed in few mins.


Nice thanks

There’s money in those nails…


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Lowe’s trailing HD…

I always go to HD if I have a choice. Lowe’s just seems like a fancy pretty boy while HD is for the no-nonsense pros.

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