Home Depot Vs Lowe's Financial Analysis



This is bullish for RE. People are spending money on their homes.

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@Elt1 would be happy.

daly city westlake home depot has a pretty store manager.

i buy from both places, but i think home depot sells better quality stuff.

Really? Nothing looks good there when I go at odd hours of the day…

she got promoted i think a year or two ago, i still see her once in a while
she looks like in the 20s.

Actually HD stocks dropped

Time to buy??? Eventually Florida has to rebuild right?


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Time to buy HD or LOW? Go for COST, than these two !

I decided to buy either COST or HD, but choose COST better and bought it when it dropped recently.


  1. Both HD and COST uses products from China, esp from nails to big furniture. HD has more imported goods from China and tariff impacts more even though it applies to both.

  2. Real estate is coming down with mortgage rates spike. HD is heavily linked to real estate, that is why both HD and LOW going down.

  3. COST is cheaper than even AMAZON or WMT. Even economy sinks, COST will maintain margins as cash flow is high with cheaper cost for consumers.

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Isn’t low inventory bullish for HD and LOWE though? I would think that’d mean more people will stay in place and replace/upgrade stuff.

That’s what I thought + Florida rebuilding… what are we missing?

I’m not sure. My only thought is recently buying has me at home depot a lot, so maybe I’m biased in thinking how common that actually is. They are always busy whenever I go there though. They’ve even upped their online game with a much bigger selection than what’s available in store, and they offer fast delivery.

The only negative I can see is more renters probably means less spent overall. Owners are far more likely to do upgrade projects than landlords are.

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I shop at HD and own their stock…Lowes is meh

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i buy my pressure washer at homedepot, it’s great, buy pressure washer guys, it’s good…you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

Ok, which one did you get?

got this one, not the professional one, but got the job done. so easy to use.

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