Homeless Math Teacher

Something not so fabulous in the Fab 7x7… (Bored of Stupidvisors, what say you???)

Teachers -> underpay
Bart workers -> way overpay.


It’s all over. It doesn’t matter if you are smarter, or have a degree or a diploma. I have a clear and concrete case, my wife. She studied 6 years as a dietitian in the national university in Guatemala. Came here, can’t do, you need to take this and that classes. She couldn’t get some paperwork, so she is working in the same environment, watching how dumb “dietitians” with 2 years of study earn 2 times her salary.

Then, the clerks. They have been there for years, and their salary increase doesn’t have any ceiling. But hers does. She is earning $5-$10 less, per hour than clerks after 11 years of holding the same position.

I guess we can call it the land of opportunity.

Obviously better than the previous land otherwise you won’t come here.


Says the native American Indian, right?

Well, apparently it only takes 2 years of study, and she’s been here for how many years now? Seems it would have been worth the extra studying to double income. That’s cool though. Blame everyone else and be a victim. You’ll fit right in.

SF housing crisis is real but this article is bogus as hell. Don’t tell me you can’t rent a room with a 65K income. What seems the problem is her lack of security deposit, a short-term liquidity crunch. One thing she can do is to share a house with fellow teachers.

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Honestly, I have turned down software engineers and doctors who applied on one of my studio apartments before. If it can happen to folks who make easy 6 figures…

Not a studio apartment, where she would have to shoulder the full rent and deposit. I am talking abbot finding some housemates to share say a 3/2 house. Triple the 65K and we are at 200K level. I don’t think most SF rentals have tenants making that much.

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I suspect she could easily find an inlaw apartment in the Sunset or elsewhere that might fit in with her budget. The thing is, most adults do not want to room with others after college days. Yes, beggars can’t be choosers, but I do have a soft spot for teachers (good ones). I don’t know her specifics or whether she is good or not but for her to put up the good fight in this town is admirable.

Come on now. She is new in town and 65k is not a bad salary. Plenty of folks get by with far less. Phoney stories like this makes things worse not better.

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Agreed. I know most finance/business majors start in the $60-70k range. They live with roommates like most young people in the bay area do.

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The real crisis for mid income people in Bay Area is not rent money. It’s house prices. Young people cannot raise family and afford to buy a house.

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She can find a room for a thousand a month…Many would prefer a room in SF to mansion in Georgia. …It is all relative

That describes most people I know that left. It’s mostly couples under 30 that rent and are ready to start a family. Most people that have bought a home stay, because once you own the vast majority of your monthly expenses are fixed. I only know 1 person that owned and sold it when moving. It was a lifestyle choice for them, so his wife wouldn’t have to go back to work. I’m the only person I know that moved and kept my BA home as a rental. I’m not that close to retirement. I know too many people that needed/wanted to move back to the BA and were priced out after being gone a few years.

Real Estate goes up and down every couple of years. All they need is sacrafice, save , invest and wait for opportunity. that’s what a lot of chinese people do. they don’t earn as much as native born americans, and a lot of them are able to buy their own home. All these so call technology goodies are killing millenials, iphones/tesla/whatever watch/go pro… if they could save those money and invest in stock, chances of becoming homeowners would be a lot higher

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McAteer? I thought that school closed down years ago.

A liberal media lie. Even Mach is tired of liberal media lies. Too much lies will backfire

She can take Bart and rent in Antioch or other east bay cities. Or find roommates to live in SF.

People need to be willing to compromise to survive. No one is entitled to anything.

65k for a new graduate is a good salary. Millions of people earn less than her in BA. How much additional income does she get to coach sports?

If she wants to live in a similar house as her hometown, she should stay there and not move to a high cost city.

No housing subsidy to teachers. This article is a political lie

Aside from the bad luck number of dollars earmarked, I am happy the Sunset will be Ground Zero for this teacher housing. No NIMBY here!!!

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But an idiot as you are, you didn’t read of clerks earning more than her. Did you?