Homeless Math Teacher


If you want opportunity in America start your own business, don’t expect an employer to make you rich…Become an employer and make yourself rich.


@buyinghouse Maybe you don’t get how America works. If you’re unhappy with your pay, then you can go get a new job that pays more. That’s the beauty of capitalism.


I’d highly recommend that she do afterschool or weekend tutoring. She could probably make $80-$100/hr.

And I agree with manch. If she’s single, look for housemates. I even know married people who had housemates. It helped them pay for the house.


Somebody who comes here from somewhere else should investigate the housing situation before taking a job…Her math skills are questionable. …


If you don’t buy or have a rent controlled apartment you will eventually be priced out of the BA…I tried to explain that to Lexa and the other permabears…Of course they could not image the huge rent increases in the last 5 years…

Not all teachers are impoverished. These 30-something school teachers retired with over $1 million after only 8 years of work


Well, this article is just a political sham to justify subsidized teacher housing in SF. Sick journalism and sick politics got married and taxpayers are a toast. A new $44M goes to teacher housing today


Well, at least Ed is trying it (teacher subsidized housing). We seem to get a lot of lip service but nothing ever comes of it. I, for one, like to actually DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING to see what happens. Yeah, it may be a drop in the bucket but that property was crap anyway and not utilized. Worth a shot, I say…


I do not care about teacher housing or not. I just do not like the mass population to be manipulated by journalists and politicians. We should have a law to forbid a journalist to marry a politician literally

We should create a media called “Nothing But Truth”


I am not seeing any manipulation going on. Teachers, along with other folks, are having a hard time making a go of it in the Fab 7x7. Teachers do play a fairly important role (essentially training our future leaders and workers of the world). Why not help them out, so that they can help us out??? It is also the killing of two birds with one stone. That property was not being utilized at all, and now it will be. Sounds decent enough. I’ve seen worse, believe me…


yeah, should help them out.
Redirecting bart janitor paycheck and direct to raise of the teachers
bart workers -> way way way way overpaid
teacher -> underpay

problem solved.


The obvious solution is to get rid of public pensions and pay the teachers the same salary as city employees.

Nothing compares with the trillion dollar pension for your California state. Everything becomes nothing when you think of pension liabilities. No one dares to talk about it, even Trump


Says the guy leaving CA for something better, right?
Or, maybe they couldn’t hire you here anymore?


I’m not the one complaining about my pay. I got the same total comp, work for one of the most admired companies in the world, and don’t pay state income tax.


Looks like Jeff is taking good care of you…


Jeff screwed me, consecutively two previous tenants went to work for him.


OMG, the sky is falling in SV…time to consider Section 8 @hanera???


You are not alone. Jeff is screwing pretty much everybody. The only way to get revenge is to buy his stocks.


If you can’t beat’em, join’em.


That’s like 2-3 years of raises all in one day. Nice job.


Hmmm…I could swear somebody was berating me for helping those rich people to “avoid paying taxes”. You know, it’s a crime.

It must be me, paranoid.